Performance100 for Apprenticeship Providers

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How It Works

The People Alchemy P100 platform supports the delivery of apprenticeship programmes. It is a flexible, easy to use platform for administrators and apprentices. The platform’s focus is on behaviour change, turning learning into improved apprentice performance.

Key Benefits

The P100 platform supports apprenticeship providers in the following ways:

  • Provides a guided learning experience that includes coaching and mentoring
  • Simple, user friendly data reporting for mentors and assessment bodies as well as apprentices to record their 20% Off-The-Job hours
  • Tracks apprentice progression
  • Keep managers line managers involved as contributors to the apprenticeship
  • Reduces administration and delivery costs

What Our Clients Say

“It's very flexible to the point that from an apprenticeship point of view, it's completely designed to support the delivery of apprenticeship programmes. Paul and his colleagues who do the development are continually evolving it so it never stands still. The apprenticeship journey is continually evolving at the moment as the standards evolve.”

“Paul understands how learning needs to work and the role learning transfer has in that. The system mimics this thinking. He understands what needs to happen for us to be effective, and make a difference.”

P100 Features

The P100 platform supports apprenticeship providers in the following ways.

Support apprenticeship delivery with a tri-focus: learner experience, tutor experience and compliance with inspectorate requirements. Find out more

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