Software that breathes
life into learning

The Performance100 platform ensures that learning delivers performance.

P100 stands alone or sits alongside your LMS to ensure that people learn the way we evolved to learn, by doing. Without tasks, without activity, without practice, most learning content does not translate into changed behaviour. The P100 platform solves this problem.

Need to do more learning online?

Get some free advice on how to move your learning programmes online quickly.


Training Company?

  • • Move your training online quickly
  • • Easily deliver remote programmes
  • • Drive behaviour change after training
  • • Prove your programme worked
  • • Take full advantage of digital delivery

L&D or HR?

  • • Easily deliver remote programmes
  • • Use your training budget effectively
  • • Get sustained behaviour change
  • • Accelerate time to proficiency
  • • Engage and involve your managers


  • • Run your programmes online
  • • Record and approve 20% OTJ hours 
  • • Intuitive and mobile-friendly 
  • • Save on admin and paperwork
  • • Inspection and EPA friendly

Which option do you need?

Support effective transfer of new skills and knowledge from training into new behaviours in the workplace with our Learning Transfer Platform (LTP). more
Speed up time to proficiency for new and middle managers with an off-the-shelf learning pathway, or customise your own learning journey. more
Assess and develop an individual for future promotion. Find your stars who are ready for promotion, and those who are not. more
People learn by doing, so our workflow tool focuses on delivering activities, not just content, and then ensures line manager involvement. more
Record the Off-the-Job hours, prepare an ePortfolio for the EPA, manage reviews and lots more. Save admin time and keep track of everything. more
Onboard new starters quickly and effectively with a 70:20:10 approach, and ensure their managers are engaged fully in the process. more
No more juggling lots of paperwork, emails and folders for CMI, CIPD and other qualifications. Portfolio, assessment and verification, all together. more
Provide the information your people need to do their jobs, right when they need it with the Assistant online performance support toolkit. more

The P100 SaaS application works on all browsers on all devices. It is modern and intuitive, and is easy to implement alongside your existing systems.

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