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Tips, guides, articles, and blogs that share L&D insight.

20 year anniversary

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Get some free advice from Paul Matthews, our founder, on how to make your L&D more effective and more efficient.

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Tips, guides, articles and blogs that share L&D insight and practical solutions to challenges including staff performance, leadership, selecting the right tools and systems and implementing informal learning.

Once upon a time...

…there was a learning and development manager who had not grasped the real difference between eLearning and eReference. This gap in his knowledge unfortunately led to a poor purchasing decision that cost his friend’s organisation a lot of money for a product that didn’t solve their problem. Sadly, he was not alone and we hear this kind of story all too often.

The People Alchemy team have always aimed to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. We share tips, guides, articles and blogs to provide insight and advice that tackle just this sort of challenge. Our resources are short, practical and written to help you take action.

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eBook by Paul Matthews

How to reboot training for 2020 and beyond book

I wrote the eBook because so many people, due to COVID-19, were taking what they delivered in the classroom and moving it onto a virtual platform. In effect, they were ‘webinising’ their training course. In an emergency, this is a quick and dirty solution but it has many shortcomings which won’t stand the test of time.

Better to take a step back and redesign your course so it takes advantage of the benefits of remote delivery and results in genuine sustained behaviour change.

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Here is a selection of videos and webinars on Learning Transfer, Informal Learning, Performance Consultancy, L&D strategy and more…

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