Book excerpt: How to reboot training for 2020 and beyond

21 Aug, 2020

TJ highlights a section of the new book from the mind of learning transfer expert Paul Matthews.

For most behavioural change outcomes you will find the package you design using the approach above will be a blend of many components; it will have content such as elearning or videos, contributions from a trainer, on-the-job practice with feedback, opportunities for discussion and collaboration, and significant manager involvement.

It won’t be a once and done event, virtual or otherwise; and it certainly won’t be an old-style training course that has been ‘webinised’.

The inevitable outcome from your design process will be a programme consisting of activities that learners need to do over a period of time and alongside their normal day-to-day work activities.

In effect, you are setting up an activities workflow within their day-to-day job where learners will step through a sequence of activities, and in doing so, they will successfully achieve the workflow outcome which is the change in behaviour.

Building skills with practice, and repeating activities frequently enough to start creating habits does take time, so avoid the temptation to rush a programme.

Here is an example of a workflow you can use or modify for your delivery process. It is based on a regular cycle which has the following components: Continue reading...

Paul Matthews
CEO and Founder of People Alchemy
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