How to Design Learning That People Can Actually Apply on the Job

2 Sep, 2020

How to Design Learning That People Can Actually Apply on the Job - A Conversation with Paul Matthews by Nihal Salah

Before we dive into talking about how to design learning that your people can actually apply (learning transfer), I’ve got a riddle for you: 

You take your car to your local mechanics because it’s been stalling. 

There’s a new mechanic named Mike. He’s a nice fella.  

He asks you what the trouble is with your car and you explain the situation. He has a quick look under the hood and tells you he needs to change a part. Mike reassures you it shouldn’t take too long and he pops to the storage room to get the part. 

Mike comes back with a look of disappointment on his face. Turns out  they don’t have the part in stock and will need to order it. It should arrive by tomorrow. 

Here’s a question for you: is Mike a competent mechanic? Do you think we ought to send Mike for some sort of training? 

Before worrying about learning transfer, make sure you need learning in the first place.

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Paul Matthews
CEO and Founder of People Alchemy
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