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“Help, I’m stuck! What do I do next?”

Date: 31 Dec, 2020
Have you ever been stuck? Wheels spinning? You know there’s got to be a better way, or even just a different way that is worth trying? Many of the problems or challenges you face at work are technical, and you know how to solve those. You do a little research in the relevant technical ‘bible’, or you ask a more experienced colleague how to proceed. In a sense, the technical stuff is easy. But alongside the technical stuff, and sometimes embedded within it, are the ‘softer’ or people problems. Indeed, when a brief or case goes off the rails, the derailment is usually caused by the people aspects rather than the technical aspects. What happens then? Where do you turn to find out how to manage other people, especially when you don’t have any direct authority over them? And in some cases, how do you need to manage yourself so you show up in a way that makes your path run more smoothly, the people you meet on your path more biddable, an...
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Tips for your learnscape

Date: 11 Mar, 2020
The term learnscape was coined during the 1970s to denote areas set aside in schools where pupils could interact with the environment and learn from that interaction. It could have been a special plot in the grounds where they planted seeds, a frog pond to observe the frog’s life cycle, or an ant farm in the classroom. The whole concept was about interaction and the involvement of all concerned: pupils, teachers and also parents and the community. The term has evolved somewhat for use in an organizational context, but it still embodies the central ideas of collaboration, involvement and integration across different groups and stakeholders. Every organisation has a learning environment, or learnscape. It is the ecosystem that comprises all that is within or around an organization that has an impact on learning. Employees, and sometimes customers and suppliers, exist within this learnscape; how much or how easily they learn is dependent on how well the learnscape...
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Informal learning – critically important, but neglected

Boy copying man repairing a shed
Date: 25 Feb, 2020
This article on informal learning and learning transfer was written for and originally published on and has been published here with TrainingZone’s permission.   Informal learning is a big thing now in learning and development. The 70:20:10 model, and others, tells us that informal learning is vastly more important than you’d ever think given the way we usually carry out learning, training and staff development. Most people will say they learn by doing things. Think of your own experience and ask yourself: how did I come to...
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Social media did not create social learning

People around neolithic campfire
Date: 22 Jan, 2020
I have been fascinated by the number of articles and blog posts I see which seem to equate social learning with social media. There are many who seem to think that social learning didn’t exist before Twitter. Of course it did. It has been a predominant form of learning for the human species since we became human a long, long time ago. There are many theories about why Homo sapiens replaced the Neanderthals. Most of them include the idea that homo sapiens won the day through its superior ability to collaborate, innovate and learn. The fundamental ways that we learnt in our early cave-dwelling days are still the same ways that we learn today. These are experiential learning, observational learning, and social learning. And these are the primary components of informal learning whether it is taking place in our personal lives or at work. Evolution has hardwired us to learn this way and we are very, very good at it. To be sure our modern way of life and the ...
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