People Alchemy offer its users a simple and unique pricing model for our learning system, which allows you to easily budget for new and existing learners while reducing life time running cost – unlike other platforms.

You can pilot our system for as little as £2,000. After that, you can add users at your own pace on a pay-as-you-go basis. You’ll only pay for the users as they come onto the system for a program they are assigned, which means you don’t need to undergo a big and costly rollout to all staff.

How our pricing works

We charge a single one-off perpetual license per learner, which means you only ever pay for a user once, no matter how long they use the system, or how many programs or pathways they complete. Unlike other learning systems who charge a monthly fee per user that can build up to significant costs over time, especially with inactive users on the system. Mentors, observers, admin, and other users are free.

As you add more staff to the system and they complete further programs, your costs of running programs on the system reduce over time.

For organizations in the public sector, we offer the convenience of purchasing through the G-Cloud government framework, making the procurement process easier and faster.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and optional features, so we can provide you with an accurate quote for the system. We’re here to help you get started with our easy-to-use and affordable learning system.

Initial Pilot £2,000

This includes:

  • Initial set up of platform
  • Enrolment of up to 12 learner profiles
  • Enrolment of ‘unlimited’ admin, mentor, and observer profiles
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