Managing Qualifications

Managing Qualifications

Managing the qualification journey – end to end.

Managing Qualifications

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What it is

An online qualification administration tool for learning outcomes, assessment criteria, evidence logs, history and more. This is where you can store and manage all the ‘paperwork’ digitally alongside an effective learning pathway.

Who it's for

Remember the folders, the paper and the scattered emails? All gone now that everything is in one place for the candidate, tutor, assessor and verifiers – saving everyone considerable time and money.

Key Benefits

An online tool for managing qualifications must do more than just manage the administration; it must also provide an effective learning journey, so the qualification means something more than a certificate on the wall. The savings come from the easy and centralised qualification administration; the business benefits come from the effective learning journey.

The P100: Qualification option helps you administer and see qualification delivery progress at a glance.

  • Allows you to manage qualifications more easily saving you admin time and overheads and lots of paperwork.  
  • Delivers content and activities for your qualification programme for CMI, CIPD and others.
  • Provides easy access for assessors and verifiers to see evidence from the candidate, and to record their notes and feedback. 
  • Shows a dashboard view of progress for candidates and assessors. 
  • Maintains a secure central hub for storage of all files, messages, notes and portfolio. 
  • Gives you options to do more digital delivery and remote candidate management cuts back on expensive site visits. 

How it Works

Assessors, tutors, internal verifiers, external verifiers, administrators, other interested parties, and not least the candidate – so many people involved who all need access when you run a qualification programme.

Your candidate needs to see their programme and all the activities they need to undertake to work towards their learning outcomes. They need a place to show their work and communicate with their tutor, and if they are part of a cohort, they need to be able to share and collaborate with their fellow candidates.

Their tutor needs to keep the programme content updated, and in some cases, customised for individual candidates.

The assessor needs to see the work that the candidate is submitting and be able to provide feedback.

An internal verifier is there to check everything is being done as it should be and needs to be able to record notes of their checks and results.

An external verifier is there to ensure the assessor is doing their job within the guidelines of the awarding body.

Your administrators put candidates on the system, provide support, and provide reporting for those who are managing the qualifications programme.

And your candidate’s line manager may well wish to be involved.

They all want to see progress at a glance and see the learning outcome indicators turn green one by one as the candidate succeeds.

Performance100:Qualification can do all of this for you as well as provide a pedagogically sound approach to the learning for the qualification. Imagine getting rid of the paper folders and scattered emails so everything is in one place and accessible to those who need it, when they need it.

Key Features

When you are running a qualification course, you want to be able to…

  • Provide online access for the candidate to record their evidence into a portfolio.
  • See a dashboard view of progress for candidates and assessors.
  • Save time and overheads – and lots of paperwork.
  • Provide easy access for assessors and verifiers to see evidence from the candidate, and to record their notes and feedback.
  • Gives you options to do more digital delivery and remote candidate management.
  • Delivers content and activities for your qualification programme for CMI, CIPD and others.

Why Buy From Us

Getting learning right, and then ensuring it converts to the desired changes in behaviour is our game. You must start from there, so we did. Then we added a plugin to our P100 platform to handle the extras required when that learning initiative is tied to a qualification from an awarding body.

Our customers using the Qualifications option love the way it works for them, and the way we help them make the connections between good learning design and the requirements of the qualification itself.


Q: Which qualifications are catered for?

A: P100:Qualification can accommodate qualifications from CMI, EMCC, CIPD, Pearson Edexcel, NCFE and more.

Q: Are the qualifications already entered on the system?

A: We enter all required qualifications onto the system, then you link a learning pathway to the qualification.

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