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What it is

An online learning platform to manage learning pathways that focus on delivering activities to people, because people learn by doing more than they learn by consuming content.

Who it's for

The P100 Platform is for anybody who is serious about behaviour change as an output from their L&D initiatives. This is so much more than asking people to memorise some stuff and pass a test, or sit in a classroom and then sometimes apply what they learned. Discover what’s possible!

Key Benefits

If you want people to change their behaviour as the result of a learning programme, they need to use their new learning and engage in deliberate practise with feedback. In other words, they have to DO something. It is the activities following learning that generate the desired behaviour change.

The Performance100 learning platform at its heart is a workflow tool that delivers activities to people over a period of time. This is the fundamental difference between P100 and a Learning Management System (LMS) which delivers content to people, either via elearning or via events such as webinars or training courses. P100 can work together with an LMS, or it can stand alone and provide content as part of a larger programme of ongoing activities that create new habits and behaviours.

The P100:Platform does a better job of ‘managing learning’ and then ensuring behaviour change.

  • Leverages the power of 70:20:10 thinking for a fully blended solution
  • Provides before and after measures to prove your programme has worked
  • Optimises the learning curve; not too steep, and not too slow. 
  • Reduces your learning delivery costs and admin overheads
  • Promotes a coaching an mentoring management culture

How it Works

The Performance100 Platform is based on the premise that people learn best by doing things, so the system ‘delivers’ activities and tasks spread over a period of time. This is done within a coaching paradigm. That is, each learner on the system also has a mentor or buddy to debrief them on their tasks and also hold them accountable for doing the tasks.

The platform then sends nudges and reminders to learners and their mentors if they run late on the schedule.

There is a huge flexibility in the way the pathways and schedules can be created and assigned to learners.

Key Features

The P100:Platform is a cloud based online application:

  • Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to implement
  • SaaS and scalable from a few users to thousands
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency and time zone aware
  • Backed by an experienced and supportive supplier
  • Extensively security tested by an external consultant
  • Comprehensive reporting and data export if required
  • GDPR compliant

Why Buy From Us

We have been building online tools since 2006, and we combine that with an understanding of not only how people learn, but how to generate behaviour change.

Paul Matthews, the founder and CEO of People Alchemy has an eclectic, and perhaps unusual skill set. On the software side he has skills in writing code, application design, UI and UX design, project management and agile methodologies. In learning & development he has written three great books on L&D topics and speaks regularly at conferences and events around the world as well as consulting on L&D strategy.

You can find out more about Paul at his website at


Q: What is the licensing model?

A: The licensing is typically based on an annual license with optional plugins for features like extra languages, and then a one off fee per Learner as they are added to the system.

Q: Does the system utilise SMS?

A: Users do not need an email address as all notifications can be sent by SMS message. They will of course need online access via a phone or tablet to access the system and progress their pathway.

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