Change behaviour. Get results.

A Modern, Automated Learning Workflow Platform.

People Alchemy® is an automated, learning workflow platform which encourages real behaviour change through action, activities and tasks. It’s innovative, easy-to-use and jam-packed with features designed to deliver benefits to your people and your business, straight out of the box.

It’s your modern solution to driving learning impact.

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People Alechemy

Introducing People Alchemy

Ensure learning transfer

Why are we asking our employees to learn? Because we want them to change their behaviour, do their work differently and ultimately, get greater business results. Consuming content is pointless if they never do anything differently afterwards. So how do we ensure learning transfer?



  • Don’t just give them content. Give your learners tasks and activities to help them practice and apply what they’ve learned.
  • Support blended programmes and embedding both formal and informal learning.
  • Provide your learners with a variety of learning materials including videos, links, documents and more.


  • Help learners to reflect on tasks undertaken, sustaining their ability to retain new knowledge and behaviours.
  • Capture reactions, thoughts and feedback and allow learners to upload videos, ideas and more.
  • Maintain communication and collaboration through forums and messaging directly in the platform.


  • Leverage powerful automation to ensure your people are prompted to undertake new activities.
  • Use spaced repetition to connect with learners over a longer period of time and bolster learning transfer.
  • Build new habits with our powerful practice and reflection loop over a period of time.

Modern learning workflow platform

Change learner behaviour

Help your people apply what they’ve learned and develop new skills and habits in the process. People Alchemy supports modern workplace learning through workflows and encourages daily application of knowledge for maximum proficiency and performance.

Move into a digital world
Save on admin time and learning costs by evolving face-to-face or classroom learning into an effective digital experience.

Tasks, not content
Encourage action and application of knowledge through sustained activity and tasks.

Easy automation
Build your workflows and let powerful automation take control; releasing you from administrative time.

Keep it personal
Provide relevant, personalised experiences to individual and specific cohorts. Provide a tailored approach to their learning journey.

Support your tech ecosystem
Use alongside an existing LMS or as a standalone platform to support your learning strategy.

Blend your learning offering
Make use of 70:20:10, combining informal learning, mentoring, feedback, reflection and more for modern learning.

Endless applications

Who is our learning workflow platform designed for?

Our dynamic Learning Workflow Platform has been designed to be flexible, adaptable and adjustable. Its applications and permutations are truly limitless.

In-house Learning

Our learning and development activities mean very little to our businesses unless we affect behaviour change. If you’re eager to drive learning transfer and improve performance as a result, People Alchemy is the platform for you.

We’re here to inspire and instigate change, so regardless of your challenge, we’d love to help you solve it.

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Training Companies

Want to add more value for your clients? Extend your training beyond the classroom by using powerful learning workflows. Convert knowledge to action and deliver the return on investment your customers deserve.

We’re here to inspire and instigate change, so regardless of your challenge, we’d love to help you solve it.

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It’s time to enter the digital world and leave paper-based training behind. Our easy-to-install platform allows you to deliver regulated training digitally, providing you with clear learner tracking, audit trails and data which can be easily imported into ESR.

We’re here to inspire and instigate change, so regardless of your challenge, we’d love to help you solve it.

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If you’d like to learn more about how People Alchemy ensures learning transfer and encourages tangible behaviour change, let’s have a chat.

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People Alechemy

Every day is a learning day

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Sharing expertise and experience is a way of life here at People Alchemy; so let us share with you. Steeped in research, pedagogy and science, our resources will not only help you evolve your approaches in L&D, but also pave the way for your brighter future in learning.

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