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The biggest enemy to learning is the status quo

It’s time to be the change

Corporate learning teams are trapped in a never-ending, repetitive cycle of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. It’s time to end that cycle. Now we must focus on action, not more learning content. To ensure real behavioural change, we must hold our learners accountable to ensure practice and repetition which build habits, long after formal training is over. Now is the time to think and do differently, and maximise learning impact through learning transfer.

Boost learning transfer

What’s the point of training your people if they never apply that learning when they’re back on the job? Learning without application is simply absurd, so ensuring learning is transferred to the day job is paramount for anybody responsible for organisational learning.

Embedding learning takes weeks, not hours or days. The only way to create real behavioural change is to extend learning beyond classrooms and single interventions. Our Learning Workflow Platform leverages modern learning theory and experiential learning to ensure tangible application of new skills, ultimately leading to skills mastery and improved performance.

Empowering people to deliver

Key benefits of our behaviour change platform:


Reduce training admin time with the People Alchemy platform. Automate email and SMS follow ups that span weeks or months, ensuring your learners continue to apply newly acquired skills long into the future.


Our Learning Workflow Platform empowers corporate learning teams with the data and insights needed to create effective, impactful learning journeys. Easily report on the things that matter and prove the efficacy and ROI of your training.


Utilising a Learning Workflow Platform doesn’t require you to start your learning strategy from scratch. Instead, it will support and bolster any learning strategy with behavioural change at its heart. Design learning workflows which are appropriate to your audience cohorts and watch their confidence and performance improve.


Integrate mentoring into your learning workflow by enabling learners to speak with their mentor from within the platform. Learners can record thoughts, feelings and reflections on activities, and mentors can provide guidance on how to improve these outcomes in the future.

Create real learning ROI

Learning is only worthwhile if it’s applied day-to-day, on the job. Unlike an LMS or LXP, our Learning Workflow Platform ensures your learners engage in activities and tasks which mean learning is embedded and behaviour is altered.

Behaviour change assessments are baked into our Learning Workflow Platform. Which allows you to clearly understand training efficacy and measure how your training has influenced behaviour. Plus, with our value add feature, you can encourage learners to reflect, track and report on savings and efficiencies they’ve made, as a result of the training they’ve completed. The savings and efficiencies are then signed off by management – providing internal L&D teams with a tangible measure of return on learning investment.

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Get the recognition you deserve

Organisational learning teams must embrace the new digital era we are embarking on. And this doesn’t mean ditching all your training and rebuilding it from the ground up. It means utilising a platform which ensures the learning initiatives you do implement result in tangible business impact – enabling corporate learning to be a driving force of organisational growth and change.

People Alchemy can help you hit the ground running quickly and efficiently, by helping you develop custom workflows for your organisation. But if you’re looking to get started immediately the platform comes with pre-built programme templates and learning paths out of the box.

I like the Induction Pathway because it encourages people to learn for themselves, to find their way around systems and processes and to share their learning with their manager. As it’s in modular form, people can dip in and out to refresh their knowledge at any time. It also needs minimal resource to keep it up to date – when processes and policies change people find the most up to date version.

Jill Moray Chartered FCIPD | HR Director
People Alechemy

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