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We’re old hats on the L&D scene. Since 1999, we’ve seen it all. And because of that experience – we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. It’s that experience that helps us provide the best learning workflow solutions to our clients each and every day.

But we’re not a typical learning technologies provider. We create deep, lasting partnerships with each and every one of our clients. It’s never a case of buying our software and saying goodbye once the invoice is paid; we’re always ready and willing to provide advice, guidance and support to our clients about their learning initiatives.

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Our Learning Workflow Platform empowers you to ensure learners are applying new skills and knowledge in the workplace. Something that an LMS, LXP and many other forms of learning platforms cannot guarantee. But we know that no platform is perfect (not even ours!) We always strive to exceed expectations, and our clients agree! If they have a request or suggestion of ways to improve People Alchemy®, we take it on-board and evolve our platform in ways that even we never imagined! This is a partnership – and that means it’s a two-way street; your voice is just as important as ours.

Whenever I speak to Paul he always provides consultancy and suggests L&D best practices that we should apply. He gets my creative juices flowing, shall we say, because I’ll go ‘oh, I haven’t thought of that. Fantastic idea!’

Learning and Development Adviser Government Agency

Meet Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is an L&D expert, published author and founder of People Alchemy. Paul’s approach to L&D is unique; rather than reciting reams of theory, Paul focuses on helping training and learning professionals become better at their craft (with the occasional metaphor thrown in for good measure!)

Having worked in learning for over 20 years, Paul is now leading the next revolution of learning: making sure that learning transfer actually happens. And this means the role of the learning professional is being looked at differently now than it has before. Paul’s goal is to ensure that L&D practitioners are empowered to make real change and provide real measurable value.

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Paul has written three books which are extremely well regarded by other experts in the L&D sector. You can find them on his personal website and Amazon.

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Our platform will help you with your learning initiatives. But technology isn’t the answer to all L&D needs. We promise to share our learning knowledge and expertise – truly helping you to take your learning in the right direction.


You want to inspire your learners to practice and apply their skills. And we want to inspire you to think differently about L&D. We promise to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to help you get the most out of your learning initiatives.


Our primary aim at People Alchemy is to help you implement effective learning in the workflow. We don’t want our Learning Workflow Platform to be yet another piece of learning tech you don’t utilise. We promise to help you make the most out of our platform.

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Sharing expertise and experience is a way of life here at People Alchemy; so let us share with you. Steeped in research, pedagogy and science, our resources will not only help you evolve your approaches in L&D, but also pave the way for your brighter future in learning.

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