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Who Our Learning Workflow Platform is For

Our Learning Workflow Platform has been designed to suit the needs of a variety of different businesses and applications. So whether you’re working in L&D or a training company looking to improve your delivery, if learning transfer and behaviour change is vital to your business’ success, you’re in the right place.

In-house L&D

We can’t keep throwing learning content at our people and expect them to absorb it, apply it and actually change their behaviour as a result. For learning to be effective, we must embed new habits through practice and repetition.

The only way to create reliable behavioural change is to extend learning beyond classrooms and single interventions and leverage learning workflows to ensure impact.

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Training companies

Don’t waste all that incredible work you’re doing in the classroom. Make sure your training influences and affects learners long after the event using our learning workflow tool. Jam-packed with functionality to help facilitate more effective learning outcomes, our platform helps to improve impact and raise the bar when it comes to your clients.

Make your training modern, mobile and valuable today.

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It’s time to enter the digital world and leave paper-based training behind. Our easy-to-install ePortfolio platform allows you to deliver regulated training digitally, providing you with clear learner tracking, audit trails and data which can be easily imported into ESR.

Improve engagement with your employees whilst introducing systematic processes which ensure you’re always adhering to standards.

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People Alechemy

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Sharing expertise and experience is a way of life here at People Alchemy; so let us share with you. Steeped in research, pedagogy and science, our resources will not only help you evolve your approaches in L&D, but also pave the way for your brighter future in learning.

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