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Healthcare Training Platform and ePortfolio for the NHS

Efficient, engaging education technology

Modernising training in the care sector

In the care sector, you have a duty to support the continuous development of your staff. Historically, that’s been managed via workbooks and spreadsheets; but does this approach really work? It’s time to enter the digital world.

People Alchemy’s versatile Learning Workflow Platform helps you increase visibility over employee learning, as well as manage, monitor and prove progress at any point in time. Use it to improve employee engagement, deliver blended learning experiences and even to adhere to governance and compliance requirements.

Evolving the way healthcare professionals learn

Do you really know how effective your mentoring and training is? Our unique learning workflow technology allows you to proactively support training delivery such as the Care Certificate, Safeguarding, CPD or even Preceptorships in a more modern, dynamic environment.

Automation reduces administration time, whilst also ensuring your care staff get access to the mentoring, support and education they need to continuously deliver compassionate care. Keep regulators at bay with a clear audit trail, by capturing every interaction and engagement directly within the ePortfolio.

Going digital is easy

Key benefits of our healthcare ePortfolio:


Gather business critical data to prove compliance. Provide audit trails and easily download data to import into ESR.


See the exact progress of every employee’s individual development. Increase visibility over crucial learning programmes and standardise what’s being delivered.


See at a glance who needs help whilst facilitating online communication and encouraging engagement and collaboration within your teams.

Say goodbye to paper-based programmes

Your employees are constantly on the go, which means that lugging around reams of paper can be difficult and cumbersome. It’s time to evolve away from paper-based delivery methods.

Our modern ePortfolio platform provides your teams with a unique space and place to learn, without ever needing paper. It’s accessible on any device too, which means they can gain support and learn anywhere that they are, any time that they need it. Capture feedback, encourage conversation and support meaningful mentorship with learning workflows.

Care Certificate, Preceptorship programmes, Clinical skills development, Safeguarding and more… Find example platform applications here

Prove compliance in a click

The problem with workbooks and analogue learning delivery is that you can’t ever really see the overall progress of your employees. People Alchemy ePortfolios provides you with a single space to track every step of an individual’s learning journey, giving you a vital audit trail for the Medical Council.

Our committed team of experts can get you up and running in weeks, swiftly streamlining your ability to easily monitor and report on learner performance and support CPD undertakings.

We’re now able to keep track of people’s progress on an individual level and quickly observe performance. We can easily generate reports for governance purposes and are delighted with staff feedback, which we can capture directly within the People Alchemy platform. This has made us a really competitive employer as we can now help fast-track a person’s career.

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