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Create impact beyond the classroom

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What’s the difference between your training company and your competitors? Your price? Your experience? Your training staff? In today’s age – this isn’t enough. To stand out you must influence beyond the training room. You need to create lasting impact for learners and real value for their employers, who are also your clients. And to achieve these goals, you must ensure that learning is kept alive beyond the classroom.

Real behavioural change occurs outside the classroom

Real magic happens when learning is transferred and applied outside the classroom. But as an external training provider, it’s not easy to garner that influence and impact over learners. So, how do you make sure that your efforts in the classroom are not wasted? By utilising a Learning Workflow Platform.

Add real value to your offering

Key benefits of our training transfer platform:


Connect with learners beyond the classroom, with emails, SMS and automated reminders – before, during and after formal training interventions.


Don’t let learners forget about training. Provide prompts to practice, reflect and record progress throughout the learning workflow.


Harness skills mastery and create tangible change for your clients. Enable line managers and mentors to report on change and impact – providing a tangible return on learning investment.

Create measurable business impact

It’s time to say goodbye to weak training feedback to prove our efficacy. You want to create real business impact for your clients and People Alchemy can help. By aligning our platform with the 70:20:10 model, we have given you the power to utilise formal and informal learning throughout your workflows; which is proven to boost learning transfer and outcomes. This guarantees real behavioural change, skills mastery and bottom-line impact for your clients. And you can easily demonstrate this change by utilising the behavioural change assessments that are baked into our platform – without relying on the infamous smile sheets.

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Extend your capabilities

Real behavioural change does not come from a singular intervention – so it’s time we stop offering standalone training sessions as a solution to real business needs. Instead, we need to embrace the digital era and deliver learning workflows that create tangible impact for your clients.

People Alchemy is here to help every step of the way. We have tonnes of experience delivering learning workflows that facilitate the application of knowledge and skills over time; ensuring learning is transferred to the workplace and real impact is created for your clients. We’re ready and raring to help you expand your capabilities and train smarter, just get in touch.

The People Alchemy platform provides a technology offering which adds value to our programmes. It enables us to provide a digital solution to clients to support and complement behavioural learning. And it’s competitively priced. We value the partnership way of working; we are heard and listened to. It truly is a partnership, not a supplier-customer relationship.

Laura Kelly Office Manager at Interaction Learning and Development
People Alechemy

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