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What’s important is not so much who we are, but what we can do for you.

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Get some free advice from Paul Matthews, our founder, on how to make your L&D more effective and more efficient.

People Alchemy is a learning technology company. Our Performance100TM platform delivers behaviour change and improved employee performance, helping learning teams have a bigger impact. 

The P100 platform is based on the principle of learning by doing. Guided learning pathways provide learners with the knowledge, support and opportunities to practise and master new skills.

High quality customer relationships drive the success of the P100 platform. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver improved performance and business impact.

We like this quote from Winston Churchill

"We make a living from what we get; we make a life by what we give."

Don’t just take our
word for it…

“People Alchemy showed that they considered the whole problem we were trying to solve, and how their products integrated into a wider solution that would work for us. They didn’t just try and ‘sell us’ the Learning Pathway.  It is this considered approach and their conduct throughout the whole bid process that has shown them to be unique in the market and a pleasure to deal with.”

Tim Hallatt, ATS Euromaster

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What Makes Us Different

As our name suggests, there’s a little bit of magic in what we do for people and that’s because we do things differently. Our focus is on learning in the flow of work and ensuring it results in measurable and sustainable changes in behaviour.


It’s often said that it’s money that makes the world go round; but that’s simply not true. It’s people. Your organisation’s biggest asset is the people you select to work for you, and with you to take your vision forward.

To achieve this, people in your workplace need to be able do the job in front of them when they need to do it. Improving people’s capability at the point of work, and therefore their performance, is what we are all about.


Alchemy is a word that describes both a philosophy, and the ancient practice of seeking to transmute base metals into gold, to create an elixir that would cure all disease, and to achieve ultimate wisdom. Lofty goals indeed!

In recent times alchemy has come to be associated with magic. And whilst we’re too modest to say that we perform magic, we certainly make positive changes happen for the organisations and people that we work with.

Interesting fact about alchemy!

Today, Isaac Newton is revered as the father of modern physics and the inventor of calculus. He was also a dedicated alchemist. Perhaps more than anyone else he straddled the older world of alchemical studies and the new world of what we now call science. Newton wrote more than a million words on alchemy, though most was unpublished at the time as he was very secretive about his alchemical work. One manuscript discovered in an old collection at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia described the recipe for the legendary Philosophers’ stone. Newton’s dabblings in alchemy are well known, but his belief that he had found the closely guarded blueprint for the Philosophers’ Stone is astonishing indeed.

Back in the day, alchemy was not the misguided pseudoscience that most people think it was. Rather, it was a valuable and necessary phase in the development of modern chemistry. Among alchemy’s signature accomplishments: creating new alloys; manufacturing acids and pigments; inventing apparatus for distillation, the process used in making perfumes and whiskeys; conceiving of atoms centuries before modern atomic theory; and providing a template for the scientific method by running controlled experiments again and again.

Paul Matthews

Paul founded People Alchemy in 1999 so we have been around a while and seen many changes in L&D over that time. He has been central to the work and philosophy of the company and in addition to being the architect of the Performance100 platform, he has written three books on L&D and speaks at conferences and events all over the world. You can find out more about Paul at his website at paul-matthews.com and his LinkedIn page here.

L&D is going through significant change and the role of the learning professional is beginning to look markedly different. We embrace these shifts and are here to help you do the same.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

Paul Matthews

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