Digital Care Certificate

Make sure your care staff have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality, safe and compassionate care.

People Alchemy is a digital learning tool designed to save your team tonnes of time by moving away from paper-based learning materials, whilst giving you true visibility over the effectiveness of your efforts. Use it to sustain the integrity of your standards and easily observe and monitor individual progress to improve your reporting.

It’s a single software solution aligned uniquely to the Care Certificate’s specific requirements. And if you don’t want to design this from scratch, you have the option of a template, created by an NHS Trust, you can use and customise.

Theoretical study and practical application

Supporting successful care staff

Get your care staff off on the right foot by providing them with structured learning experiences. Combine tasks, activities, and theory over a period of time to help them develop essential skills in patient care and achieve their Care Certificate.

  • Blend your learning experience by exposing your people to a mix of activities including self-study, practical application, mentorship and more.
  • Embed learning and new skills with your staff by sharing knowledge, expertise and tasks over a number of weeks.
  • Empower your staff and keep them engaged; proactively support mentorship, encourage reflection and enable continuous support from managers and peers.

Efficient and effective

Key benefits of our Care Certificate ePortfolio:

Leave paper behind

Migrate from workbooks and paper-based learning to our Learning Workflow Platform. Digitise your entire Care Certificate process into a effective, trackable journey which employees will love.

Map to critical standards

Ensure your healthcare staff are accessing critical learning which you can easily map to all 15 Care Certificate standards. Equip your staff with the knowledge and competencies they need to excel in care.

Digital and mobile

Secure learning. Workbooks get lost and classrooms take our critical care staff away from their jobs. People Alchemy is fully mobile so your staff can learn and develop their skills whenever and wherever they want to, at their own pace.

Improve reporting

Assess and monitor each person’s progress and always have a clear audit trail. Make assessments a breeze by capturing evidence, feedback and proof of meeting standards, straight within the platform.

Modern, digital platform

No more paper workbooks

From the get go, set up your staff for success with a fully digital Care Certificate ePortfolio which is available on a range of devices, any time your team wants to learn. Use it to instigate active participation from care staff, building new knowledge and habits over time through nudges and automated activities which can be sent via email or SMS.

Use People Alchemy to better engage and support your people so they can provide the best patient care possible.

The platform is easy to implement, and learners find it intuitive to use, so there is no need for training on how to use the system. I’ve already told colleagues that if they are looking for a technology solution for the Care Certificate then this is the perfect solution.

Lindsay Roodurmun L&D manager

Monitor and report on progress

Keep your employees on track

Easily access and download business-critical data to prove audit trails and compliance, keeping your Trust safe and secure at all times.

  1. See exactly how far each learner has progressed. Monitor who has undertaken training and guarantee governance across your organisation.
  2. Improve processes and enhance your ability to measure the efficacy of your Care Certificate delivery.
  3. Capture and download data that’s important to your business and then import it into ESR.
  4. Add quality control into your processes and automate tasks, e.g. with a plagiarism checker.

Find out more about the People Alchemy platform

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Will People Alchemy run on mobile devices?

    Yes, the web-app is fully responsive and works very well on smartphones and other mobile devices. Also, when logged in on a mobile device a user can directly access the camera and upload video assignments to the system.

  • Can I build my own Care Certificate programme?

    Yes. Like other Trusts, you will already have your own programme and delivery method. We will help you transfer your programme onto People Alchemy, so you retain the essentials and gain the benefits of full digital delivery and programme oversight.

  • How does People Alchemy work if the learner does not have a computer or work email address, for example, logistics or retail staff?

    Learners will need a computing device with a browser and the internet to access People Alchemy. If the delegates don’t have access to a computer, you could provide some loan tablets they can use while they are on a programme, or they could use their phone if they are willing to do so. As for notifications, these can be sent by SMS, or email, or both.

  • How long does the pathway take to set up?

    Technically, not long at all. A simple pathway can be designed, built, and assigned to learners in a day although we would not recommend rushing it. The design stage can take time if the pathway is complex and remember, this is an innovative and different way of delivering learning which often requires a shift in thinking. People Alchemy is always on hand to help you get it right.

  • Can I amend the modules and content once it’s set up?

    The short answer is yes. Any content can be updated after the pathway has been assigned to learners who are progressing through it. The system has several update settings so you can update only content that users have not yet encountered, or update everything. You can even hide future content from learners so you can get them going on a pathway that isn’t yet fully designed and built.

  • Can I add notes to the learner's pathway and portfolio?

    Yes. There are several ways to add notes that are visible to the learner, or hidden from the learner but visible to admin users.

  • What about people who are not IT literate?

    We have found that there are very few people who cannot use the simple and intuitive system. People these days can use Facebook and other social systems. If they can do that, then they can use People Alchemy.

  • Does the platform offer plagiarism checking technology?

    Yes, the platform has an optional plagiarism checker plugin Plagiarism checking technology to enhance learning & development programmes

  • Can admin and other stakeholders add notes that would be available for any future investigation?

    Yes. There is an audit trail and the ability to add notes at both the admin and assessor level. The whole clinical skills pathway can be exported to a PDF to be passed to an investigator should that become necessary.

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