Clinical Skills in the NHS

Make sure your clinical staff have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to deliver safe and high-quality care.

The People Alchemy platform will do much of the administration of delivering and assessing clinical skills, give you excellent visibility of who is keeping up with their requirements and who needs help. It also makes the whole process more friendly for the nursing professional, ensuring they can achieve their required certifications with less friction.

It’s a single software solution aligned uniquely to the specific requirements of delivering and assessing clinical skills to ensure clinical competency.

Theory, practice, and assessment

Supporting successful clinical staff

Provide your clinical staff with structured learning experiences. Combine theory, practice and support over a period of time to help them develop their essential clinical skills and pass their observational assessment.

  • Blend your learning experience by exposing your people to a mix of activities including self-study, practical application, mentorship and more.
  • Capture their confirmation of prior requirements and remind them of the key knowledge and skills they need to pass the assessment.
  • Put the learner in charge of setting up their assessment with a suitably qualified person who does not even need to be a user on the platform.

Both efficient and effective

Key benefits of our clinical skills delivery platform:

Leave paper behind

Migrate from paper-based systems to our Learning Workflow Platform. Digitise your entire clinical skills process into an effective, trackable journey which suits both learners and assessors.

Hold people accountable

Ensure your clinical staff are doing what they need to do, when they need to do it to achieve their clinical skills requirements. And if someone falls behind, the system will send reminders and then escalate the concern to the appropriate person.

Digital and mobile

Paper forms get lost and often don’t get scanned and uploaded to the server. People Alchemy holds all the data in one place and automatically keeps an audit trail should it ever be required for an investigation in the future. And of course, it’s fully mobile.

Improve reporting

Assess and monitor each person’s progress and always have a clear view of important management information. Make assessments a breeze by capturing evidence, feedback and proof of meeting standards, directly within the platform.

Modern, digital platform

No more paper forms

NHS England has an ambitious plan for digital transformation. The Plan for Digital Health and Social Care sets out a vision for a digitally enabled health and social care system. They talk about the need to adopt digital tools, urgently and consistently. The starting gun has been fired to move to digital and your clinical skills offering needs to be part of that transformation.

Use People Alchemy to smoothly transition to a modern digital solution already proven for delivering and assessing clinical skills within the NHS.

The design and project management of our electronic portfolio has given us the opportunity to transform how staff’s knowledge and competencies are recorded. It enables me and the Trust to expand on shared working between departments, promoting communication and providing transparency between the learners, mentors, managers and the training team – true collaboration at its best!

Julie Anderson Practice Development Facilitator

Monitor and report on progress

Keep your staff on track

Easily access and download business-critical data to prove audit trails and compliance, keeping your NHS Trust safe and secure at all times.

  1. See exactly how far each learner has progressed. Monitor who has undertaken training and guarantee governance across your organisation.
  2. Improve processes and enhance your ability to measure the efficacy of your clinical skills delivery.
  3. Capture and download data that’s important to your business and then import it into ESR.
  4. Add quality control into your processes and make the clinical skills assessments available to QA and governance.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Will People Alchemy run on mobile devices?

    Yes, the web-app is fully responsive and works very well on smartphones and other mobile devices. Also, when logged in on a mobile device a user can directly access the camera and upload video assignments to the system.

  • Can I add notes to the learner's pathway and portfolio?

    Yes. There are several ways to add notes that are visible to the learner, or hidden from the learner but visible to admin users.

  • Can admin and other stakeholders add notes that would be available for any future investigation?

    Yes. There is an audit trail and the ability to add notes at both the admin and assessor level. The whole clinical skills pathway can be exported to a PDF to be passed to an investigator should that become necessary.

  • Who can be an assessor for a clinical skill?

    Any qualified person with an email address can be an assessor. They do not need to have a user account on the system. The assessor could be a local supervisor and could also be a trainer from an external company assessing competence to use a piece of equipment.

  • Can I build my own programme for a clinical skill?

    Yes. For each of the clinical skills where you need to verify levels of knowledge and understanding, and then set up observational assessments, you can build your own pathway within the People Alchemy system. Then you know it is fit for your purpose in your environment.

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