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To be an effective coach requires a very unique skill set that requires application and practice over time. If you’re looking to develop coaching skills in your teams or for your clients, People Alchemy helps you construct learning workflows which provide your coaches with a clear sequence of actions and tasks over a period of time. This provides learners space to apply new skills, build habits and become better coaches as a result.

With coaching and mentorship at its core, our Learning Workflow Platform drives better performance from your coaches and delegates, boosting business bottom lines.

Practice, apply and reflect

Robust blends for real behaviour change

True coaching skills are not acquired solely from sitting in a classroom or doing some e-learning. To develop pragmatic, dynamic coaches you must combine both formal and informal learning, giving your coaches the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned over time.

People Alchemy allows you to develop workflows of learning – tasks, activities, experimentation and reflection combined with educational content to encourage knowledge transfer. It’s a single location where your learners can experiment, reflect, chat and explore their learnings in a safe space.

Use the power of coaching

Key benefits of our coaching and mentoring development platform:

Automate interactions

Sustain educational experiences beyond single learning experiences. Use our automation functionality to prompt activity from learners, easily sent via the platform on SMS and email.

Build new habits over time

Ensure your learners continually practice their coaching skills over time, ensuring skills mastery. Drive real learning transfer, change behaviours and improve performance.

Coaching and mentoring

Our Learning Workflow Platform has coaching and mentorship at its core. Utilise key features such as chat, capture feedback and encourage on-the-job learning in a safe, encouraging environment.

Prove success

There’s nothing worse than delivering learning and never knowing if it had any impact. Use reporting and value-add features to prove ROI and impact within the business.

Provide flexibility en masse

Tailor your coach training to learners needs

When it comes to training coaching skills, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your learners will each have unique needs, and you want to tailor your delivery to them. But when it comes to online learning; that’s often difficult.

With our unique Learning Workflow Platform you can tailor the workflow to suit your learners needs. Whether that’s slowing down the process, or delivering more 1 to 1 mentoring guidance, it can all be completed through the platform itself. Ensuring each and every learner walks away with the coaching skills they need to excel.

The People Alchemy platform ticked a lot of the boxes for us in terms of what we were looking for, not just something that could support us delivering blended learning, but that also had a real focus on behaviour change and knowledge transfer to help make behavioural shifts inside organisations over a period of time. It’s the one-stop shop system that will enable you to do everything you would ever need to do.

Ed Parsloe CEO, The OCM

Coach your way to success

Embedded mentoring and coaching capabilities

Brimming with functionality such as forums, feedback, rich-media uploads and reflection, coaching and mentoring forms the core of our learning platform.

  • Blend learning experiences and keep mentees connected with mentors through a variety of automated tasks, interactions and experiences.
  • Deliver it at their pace: Allow managers to customise the speed of the workflow schedule, to personalise approaches to suit individual learning needs.
  • Guided learning enables optimal conditions for learning, application and practice which ultimately results in behaviour change.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Can I use People Alchemy to log coaching practice and supervisor hours?

    Yes. People Alchemy has several different logging functions where learners can log their time against different requirements. The logs can be configured to capture different data points and even set up so the entries can be related to knowledge, skills and behaviours that are the primary programme outcomes.

  • Can I use People Alchemy to manage the delivery of a qualification?

    People Alchemy has an optional qualifications addon that provides features that make running a programme linked to a qualification easy. It caters for extra users such as assessors and verifiers and provides a space for them to see the entire programme and e-portfolio, and to hold their notes and comments in a single place. No more juggling of emails, lost assignments and paper folders.

  • Can the delegate upload an audio or video file for assessment?

    Yes. Files can be uploaded form a PC after recording or uploaded directly after capture from a mobile phone. The maximum file size is 1 Gb.

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