Management Development

Developing and upskilling managers is critical to business agility and success, so why do we just put them on a management course and expect them to transform?

Use People Alchemy to move beyond theory and classroom-based learning and boost the potential of your managers. Accelerate time to proficiency by utilising our step-by-step pathways to success and embed the practical basics of management so it becomes second nature to your most critical employees.

Maximum manager performance

Without entering a classroom

Managers must learn by doing – It’s unrealistic to expect them to learn key managerial skills in a classroom. Allow them to learn at their pace over a period of time using our 26 step workflow, which provides weekly touchpoints and activities.

  • Leverage learning workflows to bolster learning transfer. Use tasks to help managers apply new skills day-to-day and see sustained behaviour change over time.
  • Support new skills such as change management, customer success, performance management, budgets and much, much more.
  • Get a better return on investment from training – digital learning workflows use less budget than classroom training and support continuous learning and new skills application, giving you more bang for your buck.

Great managers are your key to success

Key benefits of our management development platform:

Tasks and activities

Embed learning in a structured, consistent manner using tasks, activities, experimentation, and reflection. Help your managers to apply what they’ve learned on-the-job and secure real, tangible improvements in performance.

Ready-made solution

Make your management development effective and efficient by utilising our tried-and-tested off-the-shelf workflow templates. They’re ready to go when you are, and deliver a robust range of activities to managers, designed with their education in mind.

Beautifully blended

Your managers need more than theory. Use our Learning Workflow Platform to leverage 70:20:10 and balance a mixture of both informal and formal learning, as well as on-the-job experiences, to make sure that your management development sticks.

Valuable and cost-effective

Classrooms are costly from both a time and budget perspective. People Alchemy enables the upskilling of managers digitally, without ever compromising on the learning quality. By delivering management training digitally you will recognise better ROI from your learning.

Off-the-shelf manager training

Ready-to-roll workflows

If you haven’t got the time or capability in-house to construct your own learning workflows, make use of our off-the-shelf programmes. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Ready-made, step by step workflows which develop and engage managers across 26 weeks – expose them to structured tasks, activities, reflection, experimentation and more for maximum behavioural impact.
  • New supervisor and line manager workflows built specifically to support the development of managers through weekly interactions.
  • Digital mentoring tools such as forums, feedback and interactions support managers throughout their journey, embedding learning and giving opportunities for reflection and application.

People Alchemy has enabled me to quickly and effectively implement management development training for both new managers and middle managers. One benefit of the platform is that it empowers learners to work at their own pace with support from their own manager/mentor. I can’t recommend People Alchemy highly enough as a supplier. They have been generous with their time, sharing thoughts, insights, and experience that have been fundamental in helping me ensure the success of the platform

Debbie McNamara Learning & Organisational Development Manager - EMEA

Interactions that matter

Moving beyond the tick box

So they attended a costly training session. Did they really learn anything? Use People Alchemy to hold managers accountable for changing their behaviours after a training intervention and getting you the results you need.

  • Personalise the learner experience through individualised learning workflows, aligned uniquely to their pace of learning.
  • Fit into their workload – spread activities over a period of time, giving managers time to actually apply, experiment and reflect on what they learned.
  • Say goodbye to smile sheets and attendance records as proof of your learning’s impact. Gather important before and after data through our mini-rater tool to measure impact and prove ROI, finally!

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • What’s included in your 26 Steps management development pathways?

    There are 26 Steps programmes for both supervisor and line manager level and for blue-collar and white-collar roles. As an example, the weekly topics for the supervisor level 26 Steps programme cover: Your role as a manager, Keeping legal, healthy and safe, Your management portfolio, Dress and speech, Company values, Problem solving, Money and fraud, Holidays, sickness and other absence, Management techniques, Using your manager, Building relationships, Appraisal and disciplinary actions, Statistics and reporting, Feedback and informal review, Empowerment and delegation, Objective setting, Planning, Serving customers, Creating personal impact, Team meetings, Getting people to listen, Managing conflict, Motivating and understanding people, Developing colleagues, Using technology.

  • Can the off-the-shelf workflows be customised for my organisation?

    Yes. We can help you make sure the programmes reflect your organisation's values, procedures and other aspects of your organisation that are essential for effective management.

  • Can we run the 26 Steps management development pathways alongside a training course?

    The simple answer is yes, but it makes sense to check through the content of both programmes to ensure consistency. The 26 Steps content can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

  • Who can customise the 26 Steps management development pathways content?

    You are welcome to make minor changes to the content. If you want changes that are more than tweaks we would recommend you ask us to work with you on the changes. We are very familiar with the content and can provide a customisation service to change the content to suit your organisation’s values, vision and operational requirements while maintaining the programmes effectiveness and internal consistency.

  • How do I decide who to put on a first-time supervisor programme?

    Most people, before they become a manager or supervisor, don’t have a clear idea of what it involves or how their responsibilities will change. We would recommend using our off the shelf Aspiring Talent pathway prior to other management development initiatives to qualify ‘wannabe’ managers for further development.

  • How do people fit the pathway activities into an already busy workday?

    We will help you design your programme, pathway and activities so they integrate into the delegate's workflow. We will help you ensure your pathway has balanced and sustainable activity and cognitive loads. It is obviously also important that delegates are supported to prioritise their development so you will need to work with their line managers.

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