Digital NHS Preceptorship

Rather than relying on spreadsheets, notebooks and the goodwill of your people to deliver your Preceptorships, harness the potential for transformation with People Alchemy.

Our flexible learning tool uniquely helps you to deliver your Preceptorships digitally. Innovative technology painlessly enables digital mentoring, helping you to attract new talent, increase staff confidence, reduce turnover and enhance patient care.

Supporting newly qualified nurses

Mastering modern preceptorships

Reassure new preceptees by supporting them throughout their first year in care, bridging the gap between their education and their careers. Our Learning Workflow Platform helps you guide and support newly qualified nursing staff and onboard and integrate new hires successfully.

  • Welcome, unite and proactively support newly qualified healthcare staff to help them have an enduring, successful career.
  • Blend the learning you offer, supporting self-study and combining it with practical application to truly immerse staff in the workplace and their new roles.
  • Empower preceptees and prepare them for compassionate and safe healthcare delivery through mentorship, reflection and continuous support from managers and peers.

A handrail on the career steps

Key benefits of our preceptorship delivery platform:

Onboard effectively

Give preceptees the best opportunity possible to make their new career a success. Pair them with mentors, help them build confidence and foster strong relationships from the get-go.

Support and reassure

Promote accountability and self-reflection in a safe, secure learning environment with the support of seasoned professionals. Capture feedback directly within the platform and swiftly become an employer of choice.

Digital delivery

Mentorship doesn’t just happen at work. Encourage your new staff to seek support when they need it through our fully mobile-enabled platform. Available when and where they need it most. Leverage powerful automation to nudge preceptees via SMS and email, to ensure they maintain engagement.

Prove success

Support safe practice through consistent delivery methods. Easily capture and provide evidence of the management of your preceptorship process and evaluate its efficacy and outcomes.

Technology-enabled mentoring

Motivate and inspire new hires

If you want to attract the best nursing talent, then your Preceptorship process needs to be top notch. Our digital platform guarantees a consistent mentoring experience for every new hire, introducing and integrating new hires into your Trust.

Use People Alchemy to assign tasks and encourage experimentation and reflection directly through the system; automatically nudge and remind new nurses to get the support they need from mentors via SMS & email and ensure your preceptees have regular mentorship throughout their first twelve months.

It has been fantastic to work with you to develop our new preceptorship learning pathway and thank you for all your wonderful support and advice. The benefits of using the online learning pathway have been wonderful, as the pathway enables us to have online access to the preceptorship portfolios and is a very user-friendly and easy system for our staff to use. Preceptors and preceptees using the system have already commented on how easy the pathway is to use. The pathway has also become an essential tool in ensuring timely reports on how the preceptees are progressing. As preceptorship lead, I found the pathway very easy to use, when developing our new preceptorship programme and People Alchemy has been a fantastic help. They are always very accessible and readily reply to any queries we may have. They are also available for online meetings to provide welcome support and advice which again has been an enormous help. They are very keen to consider how the system can be amended to meet our specific needs and been very helpful in finding creative solutions to ensure our processes work to meet our specific needs. Thank you again for all your help and support with this new initiative.

Sarah Booth Preceptorship Lead

Evaluate processes and measure impact

Monitor their progress

There’s nothing worse than not really understanding how new preceptees are faring. It’s not always easy for us to quantify and measure progress, when everything in mentorship is locked in emails and face-to-face conversations. Using a digital platform meets both individual and organisational needs – provide new staff with essential, ongoing support whilst also seeing how successful your preceptorship process really is.

Learning workflows allow you to keep a digital record of progress and guarantee the preceptee will meet the aims and outcomes of your preceptorship programme within your agreed timeframe. It’s everything you need to sustain active participation in your Preceptorship programme.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Will People Alchemy run on mobile devices?

    Yes, the web-app is fully responsive and works very well on smartphones and other mobile devices. Also, when logged in on a mobile device a user can directly access the camera and upload video assignments to the system.

  • Can I build my own preceptorship programme?

    Yes. Like other Trusts, you already have your own programme and delivery method. We will help you transfer your programme onto People Alchemy, so you retain the essentials and gain the benefits of full digital delivery and programme oversight.

  • How long does the pathway take to set up?

    Technically, not long at all. A simple pathway can be designed, built, and assigned to learners in a day although we would not recommend rushing it. The design stage can take time if the pathway is complex and remember, this is an innovative and different way of delivering learning which often requires a shift in thinking. People Alchemy is always on hand to help you get it right.

  • Can I amend the modules and content once it’s set up?

    The short answer is yes. Any content can be updated after the pathway has been assigned to learners who are progressing through it. The system has several update settings so you can update only content that users have not yet encountered, or update everything. You can even hide future content from learners so you can get them going on a pathway that isn’t yet fully designed and built.

  • Can the pathway be paused if necessary?

    The pathway can be paused if the learner is on sick leave or on holiday, or is just behind their schedule and needs some time to catch up.

  • Can a preceptee have more than one observer?

    Each preceptee, in addition to their assigned preceptor, can optionally have other people assigned as observers, mentors, verifiers, assessors etc. These additional assigned people can add comments, and even act as the final signoff for QA purposes.

  • Can a preceptee have more than one preceptor?

    The People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform is designed so that each preceptee has one nominated preceptor, but further ‘mentors’ can be added if required. The nominated preceptor can also be changed at any time by Admin.

  • Can I add notes to the preceptee’s portfolio?

    Yes. There are several ways to add notes that are visible to the preceptee, or hidden from the preceptee but visible to admin users.

  • Can I use the platform to record pastoral care meetings?

    Yes. There is a facility to record support meetings and the actions generated by those meetings.

  • Can admin and other stakeholders add notes that would be available for any future investigation?

    Yes. There is an audit trail and the ability to add notes at both the admin and assessor level. The whole clinical skills pathway can be exported to a PDF to be passed to an investigator should that become necessary.

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