Onboarding and Induction

You only get one chance to create a great first impression. And when it comes to new hires, a slick onboarding and induction process is the single best way to influence first impressions. By utilising a Learning Workflow Platform, you can make sure you get the first impression right, every time.

Create a consistent onboarding process

Capture the hearts of your new starters

Did you know that 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding? So it’s safe to say that the onboarding process is business critical. But onboarding is typically a time-consuming process, with lots of pressure on HR teams and line-managers. By utilising a Learning Workflow Platform, you can ease onboarding pressure, remind management and new-starters about their tasks and responsibilities, and guarantee the same fantastic experience every time.

Effective onboarding will capture the hearts of your new starters – it’ll demonstrate your organisational culture, prove your commitment to your people, and confirm that working for you is the right choice to make. And to do this, you need to go beyond the CEO welcome video. Integrate your culture through the tasks and activities you set your new starters – so they can get a real flavour of your company.

Starting on the right foot

Key benefits of our onboarding platform:

Reduce Admin

Reduce the time spent by HR and line managers on the induction of new starters. Utilise prompts, reminders and activities – and let People Alchemy do the heavy lifting for you.

Provide psychological support

Provide reassurance to new starters with a slick, easy-to-use onboarding process, ensuring every box is ticked, and no question is left unanswered.

Automate reminders

Onboarding isn’t a one-day task. It’s a process that spans weeks and months. People Alchemy’s workflow learning platform provides prompts and reminders to management and new starters alike.

Human touch

Provide a human-touch to onboarding, whilst utilising the tech at hand. Ensure your new starters know exactly where to go when they’ve got any questions or queries, by embedding all relevant information into the Platform.

The right answer to the crucial question

“How was your first day?”

Starting a new role is an anxiety-filled time for many. The new environment, role and colleagues leaves new starters feeling uneasy and unsettled – and this is proven to have an impact on cognitive abilities. So, before you set your newbies on their way to embark on their new role, or ask them to learn something new – you must focus on providing psychological safety. It is this feeling of safety that will have them answering the crucial question with jubilation, excitement and confidence after day one at your company. And a slick onboarding process is a sure-fire way to achieve just that.

Provide your new starters with a seamless digital onboarding experience powered by People Alchemy to make sure they feel safe and comfortable in their decision to join your organisation. Give them the real ‘wow factor’ with an exciting onboarding experience, that utilises a range of modalities from embedded rich media, to tasks and activities.

I like the Induction Pathway because it encourages people to learn for themselves, to find their way around systems and processes and to share their learning with their manager. As it’s in modular form, people can dip in and out to refresh their knowledge at any time. It also needs minimal resource to keep it up to date – when processes and policies change people find the most up to date version.

Jill Moray Chartered FCIPD | HR Director

After turbulent times, your employees deserve some TLC

Reboard employees, in a cost-effective way

Welcoming employees back from time away from the office, whether that’s due to sickness, long-term absences or furlough is a critical time for employees and organisations alike. It’s likely that your people will feel vulnerable during this time, and you need to welcome them back with open arms, ensuring they have the support, guidance and tools they need to get back to the job.

  • Create workflows that provide employees with relevant, timely resources using automation.
  • Disseminate information about new working procedures and policies, consistently company-wide.
  • Provide pastoral care for employees that goes beyond a monthly check-in.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Do you have off-the-shelf content?

    We do have some, but we generally find that each organisation has unique onboarding requirements and an existing set of materials. It's better to repurpose and rework any existing material to fit within the People Alchemy framework.

  • Why is the People Alchemy platform a great fit for onboarding?

    If you think about it, the onboarding process is largely a list of tasks to do from filling in the right paperwork (even before the start date) through to collecting a laptop from IT and attending orientation sessions and training courses. Even if you have an onboarding training programme, there is probably a checklist of things somewhere that new starters need to do. The reason that People Alchemy is a great fit for onboarding is that it is a workflow tool. In essence, it is a platform to take users through a defined set of activities and make sure they get everything done. User Feedback – Induction

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