Joining instructions – some tips

You are doing more than just an event, aren’t you?

So when you create joining instructions, create them for the WHOLE programme, not just the training event.

Plan your programme so those involved will know what they will be doing tomorrow and the next day.

Who is involved? Who needs to ‘join’ the programme in some capacity?

Think delegates, managers, facilitators, subject-matter experts, coaches, mentors, sponsors and anyone else who may need to contribute.

You probably need different joining instructions for each role.

Everyone should have visibility of the whole programme and what is expected from each of them, and what they can expect from others.

Let people know there is a plan and ensure they understand how the whole programme is bolted together.

Put yourself in their shoes. What questions would you have?

Ensure those questions are addressed in the joining instructions.

Look at the joining instructions. Would I read these?

Are they relevant to me and my role? Do they look like they matter to me?

How can you make them concise and compelling reading? Include programme benefits?

How can you ensure the message breaks through the typical Inbox clutter?