Revive learning from its coma

Given the data on how much learning transfers from the training room into the work environment, we could conclude that learning is brought alive in the classroom but rendered comatose by the time it reaches the workflow.

One way to think of learning transfer is the reawakening of that comatose learning in the flow of work so it is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to make a difference.

By bushy-tailed, I mean that it moves from the limited dimensionality of remembered information to multi-dimensioned knowledge and understanding that is so compelling, people just want to use it.

When you are designing training, think about how each bit of information will survive being comatose for a while, and how you will revive it in the flow of work.

What activities do people need to do after the training to revive their learning from its coma?

My best wishes, Paul