These are better than learning objectives

In many training programs the starting point is a set of learning objectives, which are often set out for the delegates at the very beginning of the training event, just after the icebreaker.

Wouldn’t it be better to replace these learning objectives with performance objectives?

A performance objective describes what the learner will be able to accomplish after a period of learning and practice.

It also makes it much easier to align the programme objectives with executing the business strategy, and for these objectives to be seen as aligned by the business stakeholders.

This focus on proficiency would enable the trainees to filter the information you are giving them for the bits that would help them meet those performance objectives in their job role.

Performance objectives should be front and centre during the training programme, and every element of the programme should be linked to them.

When you use performance objectives, what message do you send, and how does this differ from the message sent when you use learning objectives?