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13 Barriers to Implementing Learning Transfer

Why do so many people in L&D do little or nothing about learning transfer? Perhaps the elephant has been in the room for so long that people in L&D now just assume that it’s part of the furniture. Equally why does business not insist that the training they pay for actually results in performance improvement? 

I wrote this ebook because the case for proactively driving the learning transfer process is self-evident.  

Get this ebook to identify the barriers to implementing learning transfer in your organisation and how to start breaking them down, resulting in sustainable behaviour change and business impact.  

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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A practical and engaging guide to understanding the barriers and Paul gives us the solutions on ‘How to fix it’. A must-have for every L&D Practitioner.

Learning Design Manager

Lessons learned

Overcoming barriers to implementing learning transfer


Becoming aware of the elephant in the room is the first step to overcoming the barriers in your organisation.

Break down

Once you really recognise the barriers you can start fixing them with the tips we have shared.

Get results

When you review or design your training with learning transfer in mind you start achieving the results the business requires.