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50 Essential Tips for Managers

If you’re taking your first steps into management, or you are a veteran professional who wants a few tips to use today, this download is for you. Reinvigorate your management style with these 50 essential tips that will show you different approaches and solutions to many common issues that managers struggle with.

We’ve had feedback from many managers that they’re not really taught the practical, day-to-day skills to be an effective manager.

Download the PDF now to discover 50 simple tips on how to manage people more effectively so your job as a manager gets easier, and you get better results than ever before.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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“I just received the ebook – brilliant! Certainly got me thinking about a few things we do around here, or rather, don’t do.”

Mike Training Manager

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Simple tips that make a difference


  • How to prioritise your workload
  • When to ask ‘why’ and when to keep quiet
  • How to protect your time


  • How to mediate effectively
  • How to protect your time
  • How to communicate and manage change

Your role

  • A simple key to leadership
  • How to get more out of every meeting
  • And lots more!