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50 Essential Tips for You at Work

Most people, like you, want to do a good job at work. They want to enjoy their work and get good results for themselves, their colleagues, and their customers.

This is so much easier to do if you know some simple tips and tools. Some people just seem to be able to do things more easily, and quicker, and have better working relationships. They know things that perhaps you don’t!

This booklet is crammed with personal effectiveness tips to help you live the life you truly want; one filled with productivity, happiness and fulfilment. While the tips apply primarily to the workplace, many will help in all areas of your life.

Here are 50 easy to apply personal effectiveness tips that get results for yourself, your colleagues and organisation.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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“I was surprised how many valuable ideas you packed into such a small booklet. I read it several times, stopping at each tip to think how it related to me and what I am doing. Every time I came up with new ideas. Many thanks.”

Sally Manager

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Simple tips that make a difference


  • How to be a rock with ears
  • How to win an argument
  • Seven catchy email subject lines that work


  • Use ‘why’ power, not ‘will’ power
  • Preparing a good meeting
  • The one thing you shouldn’t do today

And secrets

  • How to do more in less time
  • The secret to changing your life
  • And lots more!