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How to Reboot Training for Tangible Business Impact

2020 changed the world forever, and that included corporate learning. The challenge then was to change learning & development initiatives for remote delivery. Fast. Now we have to ensure these changes are future proof. In this ebook, we give you approaches to transforming your training to create a positive, lasting impact on your organisation.

I wrote the ebook because so many people, due to COVID-19, were taking what they delivered in the classroom and moved it onto a virtual platform. In effect, they were ‘webinising’ their training courses. In an emergency, this was a quick and dirty solution, but it has many shortcomings which won’t stand the test of time. And despite the effects of the pandemic on the design and delivery of L&D initiatives, the basic principles are still the same.

Get this free ebook to learn how to fix any shortcomings and get your learning programmes future fit now that we are leaving the pandemic behind and can focus on a sustainable future.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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“Paul, thanks so much for sharing your ebook. It was a very insightful read – one of the very best I’ve seen. I will indeed be sharing with my team. Driving sustained behaviour change is our key goal.”

Stephen Global L&D Leader

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Designing for behaviour change


This is your opportunity to pause and review your L&D function. Learn top tips for resetting your approach and how to garner tangible results and performance enablement.


Behaviour change doesn’t happen after a single event. To truly change behaviours, learning must be repeated, practiced and applied over a span of time. In this ebook you’ll learn the critical factors for learning transfer.

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It’s time to stop thinking of content as learning. Real learning happens away from the classroom (remote or otherwise). Discover why learning transfer is paramount for your future-proofed learning programmes.