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Informal Learning: How to harness it without killing it

In this Guide, discover why informal learning is the powerhouse of learning in the workplace and how you can start to make it work for your organisation.

Despite its power, informal learning is in many ways, fragile. How can you manage it without destroying the informality – without destroying the very thing that makes it so powerful? This guide provides some practical things you can do to realise its potential and get better results.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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Use the power

How to leverage informal learning

How it works

The 70:20:10 model tells us to pay attention to informal learning; it’s obvious, and yet who actually does it properly?

How to manage it

Harness informal learning without destroying informality which is the very thing that makes it so powerful.

Getting ROI

Investments in informal learning can pay big dividends – if you approach it the right way.