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KiFi model: e-Learning vs e-Reference - A vital distinction

What it’s about: Many people think that eLearning and eReference are the same – and this misunderstanding can lead to whole projects failing and budget wasted on the wrong system. With this guide, you’ll be able to get to grips with different learning products. It introduces the KiFi model which enables you to identify the differences between two types of learning products – a ‘Know it’ product and a ‘Find it’ product. It also gives you a simple and practical process to find out which of these two types of system you need to get the outcomes you want.

Who it’s for: L&D professionals keen to introduce new technology into their organisation and make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the best learning tools.

Maybe this guide will fundamentally change your thinking, or perhaps it will confirm that you’re on the right track. Either way, it’s worth the few minutes it takes to read.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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“I have now had time to read the article and it is excellent – I have for years been wondering at my frustration with eLearning definitions and the KiFi Model works for me!”

John Hepworth L&D Consultant

The right solution?

How to avoid a costly mistake

The Model

Sometimes people need to know stuff, and sometimes they just need to find it. This is the Know-it vs Find-it model. (KiFi)


Use the model in a simple way to diagnose your real needs. The results of the process will help you avoid expensive mistakes.


When you know what you need, you can look for the right tools, and ask vendors the right questions.