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Learning Workflow Design Guide

A workflow is a sequence of activities that will result in a defined outcome. It is a set of step-by-step instructions to get from a current state to a desired state. When we apply the concept of a workflow to a learning programme designed to get someone to change their current way of doing their job to a desired better way of doing their job, we can call it a learning workflow.

This guide will

  • take you through the design steps to create a learning workflow that is guaranteed to change behaviour, and
  • explain how you can deliver this using the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform.

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Lessons learned

Designing for learning transfer

Start with the end in mind

Given the end we have in mind is people doing some aspect of their job in a new way, we need to define what that change will look like when it is achieved and how we will measure success.

Design thinking

We need to start generating the sequence of activities someone needs to undertake to reliably transit the gap from where we are now to where we want to be.


We often learn best from our own experience, particularly where that experience generated significant emotions causing the experience to linger in our mind.