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New Managers: speed up time to proficiency

What it’s about:  How do managers in your organisation get started? Accelerate the time to proficiency for new managers with the simple process detailed in this guide. Turn your newbies into a ‘safe pair of hands’ in no time.

Even when new managers are provided with lots of training, getting the experiences they need in order to become truly capable takes time. The experiential and social learning that takes place on their management journey is what really counts as they become proficient. What if you could collapse that required experience into a shorter period of time, and also provide a mechanism to ensure they get the learning they need from their experience?

Who it’s for: L&D and HR professionals, and anyone involved in onboarding new managers who want to reduce risk and speed up the process.

What would it be worth to your organisation to accelerate the time to proficiency for new managers? There is a way, and this best practice guide shows you how with a simple process you can create and use in your organisation.

Paul Matthews, L&D expert and architect of the People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform

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“I always did wonder if sending people off on 4-day management training was the best way to train new supervisors. This is a better way.”

Glenda L&D Manager

Step by step guidance

How to support managers new into their role

Old sink or swim

Many new managers are left to sink or swim with little help or support. Surely that can’t be right.

Activities over time

Management, like riding a bike, is best learned in the saddle. Someone once said, ‘Learning to manage is a contact sport’.

Proficient fast

Speed up the process and reduce risks to support new managers so they become capable more quickly.