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System Selection: A process for getting it right

There’s no denying that choosing a computer-based system isn’t an easy process. The method described in this Guide helps break down the complexity into simple steps, and provides a process so you can make a sound decision that minimises risk.

The factors involved are usually complex, and there are often many people involved, each of whom can have their own ideas on what should be happening.

Following a robust process is a far cry from the risky way that many systems are selected based on supplier reputation, or internal politics, or the fact that a system already enjoys success with your competitors.

A simple process you can use

How to get system selection right


Deciding on which systems to use for training, learning and development can be a daunting, complicated process. Here’s how to do it.

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L&D and HR professionals tasked with procuring and implementing a new system into their organisation, who are looking for a framework to help get it right!


Step by step process to ensure you procure a system that matches your real requirements. Avoid failed implementations and recriminations.

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System Selection: A process for getting it right

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