Learning transfer interview

In this short interview with Paul Matthews, Learning & Development expert, he answers three important questions about learning transfer:

  • When should a business think about Learning Transfer?
    Learning transfer is something that needs to be thought of right from the beginning of any learning initiative. What is it that you want your people to do differently? Which behaviours do you need to change to ensure business impact?
  • What is the cost of Learning Transfer?
    Learning transfer has an inherent cost in the fact that it will require a little more than when you are just putting people in a classroom and then letting them go in the corridor and back to their desks, expecting them to change how they do things.
  • How can People Alchemy help with Learning Transfer?
    There’s a number of things around implementing learning transfer. There’s the whole process of doing it. Then you start to realise you have to set up learning workflows for people, which is a sequence of activity spread over time. At scale for the learning transfer to work you need a learning workflow platform (LWP).