What are the barriers to implementing Learning Transfer?

Learning Transfer as part of your training and other development programmes is the key to applying what was learnt on the job. Learning & Development people know this but implementing Learning Transfer is often seen as too difficult or additional cost that can’t be justified.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations invest significant time, effort, and resources in employee training and development programs to enhance their workforce’s skills and knowledge. However, one critical challenge often faced is the effective transfer of learning from the training environment to the workplace. This process, known as learning transfer, ensures that newly acquired skills and knowledge are applied successfully on the job, resulting in tangible business impact.

Implementing learning transfer is a complex task, and organisations frequently encounter various barriers that impede its successful execution. To shed light on this crucial topic, Paul Matthews answers some key questions on the topic…

By understanding the obstacles and implementing effective strategies with the help of learning technology, organisations can unlock the full potential of their training investments and drive improved performance and business outcomes.

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