Paul Matthews on defining learning workflows

There is much talk about learning in the flow of work around the (virtual) water coolers at the moment. But it’s not to be confused with learning workflows.

Paul Matthews had the opportunity to discuss the difference in this last podcast with Jon Kennard at Training Journal,

Getting clarity on the difference between learning workflows vs learning in the flow of work

Without giving away too much of the podcast, consider this…

The recipe for effective and sustained behaviour change has lots of ingredients mixed together over a period of time. This recipe of step-by-step instructions is a workflow, in this case a learning workflow. Scaling this multiple step recipe across many learners requires a digital solution, a Learning Workflow Platform.

Here’s the podcast link, we hope you find it insightful… Listen here

How do we develop a learning workflow to get to the required behaviour change?

The People Alchemy Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) enables designing the learning workflow for the employees to learn in the flow of work. And consequently, achieve sustainable behaviour change and the results your organisation needs.