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“Help, I’m stuck! What do I do next?”

Date: 31 Dec, 2020
Have you ever been stuck? Wheels spinning? You know there’s got to be a better way, or even just a different way that is worth trying? Many of the problems or challenges you face at work are technical, and you know how to solve those. You do a little research in the relevant technical ‘bible’, or you ask a more experienced colleague how to proceed. In a sense, the technical stuff is easy. But alongside the technical stuff, and sometimes embedded within it, are the ‘softer’ or people problems. Indeed, when a brief or case goes off the rails, the derailment is usually caused by the people aspects rather than the technical aspects. What happens then? Where do you turn to find out how to manage other people, especially when you don’t have any direct authority over them? And in some cases, how do you need to manage yourself so you show up in a way that makes your path run more smoothly, the people you meet on your path more biddable, an...
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Multitasking – Myth and Mystery

Man with multiple arms doing many things at once
Date: 4 Mar, 2020
Can you really multitask efficiently? There are many people who swear that they can, and just as many studies that say they are fooling themselves, and that efficient multitasking is impossible. So what is the truth of it? First, we need to take a look at what we mean by “multitasking.” The idea arose in the world of computing, where a computer that’s designed to multitask can run more than one program at the same time. For example, it can be running a backup task at the same time that you are writing a document. From a tasking point of view, the way our human minds work is surprisingly similar to the way a computer works. The computer runs an extra program to manage the multitasking. It switches the central processing unit from one task to another, depending on the priority that has been assigned to a particular task and its current need based on what the user is doing. So in reality, it’s not really multitasking but task switching, d...
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