Effective Onboarding

Effective Onboarding

Beginnings are important – they set the scene for all that follows

Effective Onboarding

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What it is

A step by step process to get onboarding and staff induction right for new starters in your organisation and accelerate their time to proficiency.

Who it's for

Onboarding, orientation, employee induction, call it what you will, but the initial settling in period at a new organisation is vital to an employee’s engagement and their ongoing performance. P100:Onboard helps new starters and their managers through that initial period to find their feet fast. It also helps those who are reboarding after furlough and have so many new procedures to learn.

Key Benefits

Makes your new starters, or reboarders, feel welcome, then gives them activities that embed the information they need to be an engaged member of the team – quickly and effectively improving your staff induction process.

The P100:Onboard option quickly gets new starters proficient and adding real value

  • Manages the whole process – pre-start, induction and onboarding – and delivers engaged and productive staff quickly.
  • Provides a consistent onboarding process across the organisation.
  • Creates a great first impression so they say the right things to their family and friends at the end of their first day. 
  • Supports the manager throughout the process and monitors their critical input. 
  • Ensures you meet your compliance requirements and other ‘must have’ learning.
  • Reduces early stage attrition to avoid further recruitment costs. 

How it Works

Using P100:Onboard, create a tailored pathway to take your new starters, or those reboarding after furlough or working at home, through everything they need to know with a structured approach to learning over a period of time. Mentoring and line manager support are an in-built part of the process and informal activities and hands-on exercises deliver unparalleled learning transfer.

Our P100 platform lets any organisation, in any sector, use existing induction materials to easily create a fully-fledged induction pathway. It leverages the content and resources you already have and brings a new starter’s learning experience to life.

The programme encompasses an initial period where new starters find their feet and get orientated within the organisation. From there they discover mandatory information around areas such as health and safety but also role-specific insights on competencies and personal targets and responsibilities. We also advocate every person joining an organisation having the opportunity to learn about the broader business, including its purpose, vision and values. Plus identifying future development priorities and establishing the next steps around probation sets clear goals and establishes the ground rules for everyone concerned, right from the outset.

At the beginning of each module, the new starter is given information around the topic they need to become familiar with. They are then given a set of experiential and social learning activities to do to trigger conversations with colleagues, experiences and reflection which is where the real learning takes place. Notes and actions that arise are recorded by the learner and meetings held with the line manager or mentor to discuss and reflect on the experiences and progress.

The process for reboarding is similar, but obviously with different content that relates to all the new things they need to learn and practice to cater to the new ways of working due to COVID-19.

Key Features

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start)…

When new people join your organisation, their employee induction programme forms the learning experience that helps (or hinders) the skills and knowledge they need to perform their new role. Ensuring they gain the capability to carry out day-to-day tasks quickly and effectively means they start adding value to the organisation and have an immediate impact on organisational performance.

Most of us can remember the first few days in a new role where there is often an overload of information and as a result, we struggle to remember everyone’s names, let alone how to actually do the more practical elements of the job.

The success of an induction programme is not about new starters sitting in a training room trying, and usually failing to absorb as much information as possible in a short space of time. Far more effective is an approach that ensures they learn on-the-job through experience and interactions with their new colleagues.

The People Alchemy approach to employee induction includes:

  • A structured path to capability
  • Harnessing the power of informal learning opportunities
  • Blending this with formal learning and mandatory training
  • A tailored timescale that ensures new starters learn the right things at the right time
  • Applying new knowledge and skills on-the-job
  • Practical exercises and activities
  • Opportunities to meet and network with new colleagues
  • Performance support reference material
  • An immediate return on investment for the organisation

Why Buy From Us

Onboarding successfully requires the new starter to go through specific phases, and we understand that journey.

For example, what happens when a new starter goes home after their first day? They get asked that question… “How was your first day in your new job?”. How do you want them to answer? You must set up the first onboarding day so they want to answer the way you want them to answer.

We know the critical success factors, and we can help you get it right.

I like the Induction Pathway because it encourages people to learn for themselves, to find their way around systems and processes and to share their learning with their manager.  As it’s in modular form, people can dip in and out to refresh their knowledge at any time. It also needs minimal resource to keep it up to date – when processes and policies change people find the most up to date version.”

Jill Moray, Chartered FCIPD | HR Director


Q: Do you have off-the-shelf content?

A: We do have some, but we generally find that each organisation has unique onboarding requirements and an existing set of materials, and it’s better to repurpose and rework their existing material to fit within the P100:Onboard pathway framework.

Q: Will this work with reboarding after furlough or working from home?

A: Yes it will. There are many similarities with onboarding although the content of a reboarding pathway will need to focus on things like new working procedures, reassurance around Coronavirus safety measures, pastoral care for colleagues and team members, and so on.

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