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We will show you how learning in the workflow can generate lasting behaviour change.

What it is

An online workflow learning platform with L&D best practice at its heart, encompassing informal learning, mentoring, 70:20:10 fundamentals, on-the-job training and performance support to ensure your people’s capability.

Who it's for

People learn by doing, so the workflow learning pathway gets people doing activities that facilitate learning within the context it is needed. This is experiential learning at its best. It can stand alone or be combined with face-2-face or virtual delivery for a blended mix.

Key Benefits

Uses tasks and assignments, collaboration and reflection to generate learning and embed new behaviours.

The P100:Workflow option helps you bring learning on the job directly into the workflow

  • Generates quicker results to accelerate time to proficiency.
  • Uses guided activities that people do alongside their work so they experiment, practice and learn what works for them.
  • Includes measures to check success, return on investment and to provide feedback.
  • Leverages the power of the 70:20:10 learning philosophy for a complete learning solution that changes culture.
  • Sets up a truly collaborative environment to support both the learner and their manager through change.
  • Moves from spoon-fed to self-directed learning so staff take on more responsibility for their own development.

How it Works

The P100:Workflow pathway process is simple:

Practice and experience, and reflecting on that experience, are fundamental to learning. In each pathway module, the learner is given some basic scene-setting information around the topic they need to become familiar with.

The pathway sets learners up with activities that are spread out over time, so they fit in with their work. Activities could be questions to reflect on, content to review, experiments to try, conversations to have, specific actions to do. They could be anything that would aid them to learn, reflect and embed what they need for their job. The learner records their reflections and can also discuss them on the forum.

Every learner has a mentor or buddy who will hold them accountable for doing the activities, and debrief them to help the learner get the most out of the activities.

 Out of this simple process, L&D drives a range of benefits both for the learner and the organisation:

  • Contextual guidance
  • Step-by-step instructions (if desired)
  • Deeper detail, for when quick steps are not enough
  • Brokered references
  • Informal and collaborative assets and opportunities
  • Blend with formal training and other learning activities

Key Features

The aim of the game is the immediate transfer of learning. Your people are gaining new knowledge and skills as part of their existing workflow. So rather than learning the theory behind something, then trying to remember this information when they need it one day in the future, they are practising on-the-job. This breakdown of the barriers between formal learning, perhaps in the classroom, and work builds capability in the workplace. Your people become ready to perform their tasks whilst they work and learn together.

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