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When it comes to leadership development, many organisations opt for a training course or away day. But there’s a weakness in that approach. Leadership skills can only be developed through practice, which is where People Alchemy steps in. Our Learning Workflow Platform is designed to facilitate effective practice, which in turn develops proficient future leaders for your organisation.

An extension of your company culture

Train your leaders, your way

The truth is good leaders are hard to come by. And despite the plethora of self-help and ‘how to be a leader’ books available, these do not stand up against on-the-job experiential learning. Workflow learning is the best way to promote on-the-job application and practice, by providing your learners with activities, tasks and reflection points.

Our Learning Workflow Platform spreads activities over time, ensuring spaced repetition and mastery before your leaders step out on their own. This allows you to create bespoke learning experiences that are tailored to your organisation’s needs – truly equipping your future leaders with the skills they need to progress in your organisation.

Great leadership... step-by-step

Key benefits of our leadership development platform:

Any activity

Integrate a range of activities into your workflow – from ‘thinking time’ to conversations, helping your future-leaders to put learning into action.

Fast-track success

Using SMS and email, prompt repeated practice and skills application from future leaders – fast-tracking your organisation’s journey to success.

Automate follow ups

Automate all follow ups and reminders with People Alchemy, ensuring new skills are applied and used in the learner’s ‘day job’.

Human touch

Facilitate learner interaction between mentors and managers. Allow them to communicate with each other directly from within the platform.

On the job training

Digitised for the modern world

Use People Alchemy to supercharge your away days and off-site courses. Combine our Learning Workflow Platform with your existing leadership development initiatives to create a detailed, personalised programme that spans months and ensures mastery.

Plus, digitising your leadership development programme enables your learners to gain feedback, advice and guidance from mentors that may not be in the same room, building or country as them. People Alchemy bridges this physical gap between learners and mentors; fuelling personalised, informal learning and prompting conversations from within the platform itself.

"At Interaction Learning and Development, we have a long-standing partnership with People Alchemy centred on a shared principle that positive behavioural change comes from ‘learning by doing’. We recently used the software to help us transition an existing face to face leadership development programme into a fully digital offering – the learning platform offered us a way to ensure seamless learning transfer for the duration of the programme. Alongside facilitated sessions we were able to establish clear learning workflows, with activities linked to bespoke learning outcomes, whilst empowering line managers to engage with their leaders in a timely and impactful way. The feedback we’ve received from leaders on the programme has been overwhelmingly positive and underlines the benefit of using People Alchemy. Thanks to Paul and the team!

Matthew Ives Learning Consultant, Interaction Learning and Development

In a digital, remote world

Give learning the human touch

Your leaders need to be connected to their learning regardless of where they are in the world. Our learning platform opens up communication channels between your leaders and their mentors to help you bridge the gaps in today’s borderless world.

  • Connect leaders to the learning transfer process with consistent activities, tasks and application.
  • Use automation to prompt leaders to engage with their peers, mentors and colleagues.
  • Encourage personal reflection on learning, support mentorship and conscious behavioural change.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • Will this platform work with both large scale and smaller groups of leadership delegates?

    You can use People Alchemy to focus your attention on a small group or on larger programmes made up of many cohorts. One of our customers uses People Alchemy to run a leadership programme for 200+ delegates every year for a large client. By the way, this used to be a face-to-face training course before COVID. The client has said that the results with the new blended online programme are much better and does not want to return to the old face to face programme even when COVID restrictions are eased.

  • Can I run a senior leadership programme on People Alchemy?

    That depends on several factors. If you want to provide a highly customised programme that is unique to the needs of each individual leader, then you are likely better off using a coaching approach and People Alchemy would not be the right platform. If you want the group of senior leaders to go through a similar programme and customise it along their journey for their needs, then People Alchemy may well be a fit. Let’s have a chat to find out.

  • Can I convert our existing leadership course into a People Alchemy learning workflow?

    This is a definite yes. The driver for this conversion so far has been COVID, but it also makes sense just to get better results than traditional face to face programmes usually provide. This has already been done so successfully that the client has said they do not want to go back to traditional delivery. The results in terms of behaviour change when using the People Alchemy platform have been far better.

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