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How much of what your learners ‘learn’ is actually applied to their day-to-day jobs? All of it? Some of it? None of it? The truth is applying new skills at work can quickly fall down the priority list. But not doing so renders the training completely pointless. If you want your learning and training to deliver impact, you must prioritise learning transfer.

Improve overall performance

Change employee behaviours

People Alchemy is here to help you ensure that new knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace. Our Learning Workflow Platform facilitates on-the-job skills application and practice and allows learners to build new habits, ensuring a positive return on learning investment for all involved. Learning workflows aid learning transfer by:

  • Focusing on activities rather than content
    People learn best by doing and applying, so by ensuring application at the workplace you can cement learning and behavioural change.
  • Leveraging the 70:20:10 model
    Truly effective learning includes both formal and informal initiatives – in fact the majority of learning is through experience. A learning workflow facilitates these experiences and makes sure they happen.
  • Building habits
    Our Learning Workflow Platform builds habits over time, by delivering nudges, reminders and automated activities to learners over the course of their programme.

Deliver and measure

Key benefits of our learning transfer platform:

Beyond The Classroom

Oftentimes learners attend a face-to-face session and there’s just no guarantee they’ll apply what they’ve learned. Sustain training long after the event and ensure improvements to performance.

Blend It Better

Provide a range of learning content, media and experiences to your learners. Integrate formal and informal training, from interactions with their peers and mentors, to embedding content such as videos and PDFs in the platform.

Learning Journeys

Rather than just a learning experience, ensure a consistent programme of learning is delivered to your people over a period of time. Prompt your learners to practice, apply and reflect on their experiences to aid learning transfer.

Prove Impact

Behaviour change assessments are baked into the platform. This allows you to clearly understand training efficacy and measure how your training has influenced behaviour and achieved results for the business.

Instigate action, not content consumption

People learn by doing

Often when we consider training, we picture a classroom full of eager learners, facing an instructor and ready to learn. But the truth is: that’s not how real learning happens. Instead, people learn by doing. Utilise People Alchemy to:

  • Build out dynamic, task-led workflows which ensure structure, spaced repetition and continuous, sustained application of newly acquired knowledge.
  • Consistent learning processes for all cohorts – with minimal on-going admin efforts required.
  • Improve learner confidence and autonomy by supporting active practice and step-by-step skills mastery.

People Alchemy understands how learning needs to work and the role learning transfer has in that. The system mimics this thinking. It shows an understanding of what needs to happen for us in L&D to be effective and make a difference. And because of that understanding they develop the technology in the right way. They focus on what it is you need your people to do because the system can enable that.

Neil Head of L&D

Interactions that matter

Moving beyond the tick box

Say goodbye to smile sheets and attendance records; it’s time to use learning transfer and behaviour change metrics to demonstrate real learning success. Use our Learning Workflow Platform to:

  • Hold both learners and managers accountable for changing behaviours after a training intervention.
  • Allow managers to personalise the experience through individualised learning workflows, aligned uniquely to the learners’ pace.
  • Spread activities over a period of time, depending on their workload, to give learners time to apply, experiment and reflect on what they learned.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Everything you need to know about our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) is right here, or talk to us.

  • What is a learning workflow?

    A learning workflow is a sequence of learning and related activities that result in not just gaining knowledge, but also putting that knowledge to use by generating skills and new behaviours. Find out more.

  • What is a Learning Transfer Platform (LTP)?

    In a Chief Learning Officer magazine article in 2017, Robert O Brinkerhoff describes an LTP as "a cloud-based software platform that wraps custom-designed interactions and learners' engagements around and into more traditional employee development workshops and seminars. This creates a learning/performance improvement journey for each participant."

  • What is Training Transfer?

    Some people in L&D use the term 'training transfer' interchangeably with 'learning transfer'. If someone uses the term 'training transfer' it is worth asking them what they mean to ensure clarity in your discussion.

  • Why is Learning Transfer so important?

    Learning Transfer occurs when training course delegates use their new learning in their work setting. Arguably, if they don’t do this, then the time and money invested in the training course was wasted. So, Learning Transfer is required if you want to avoid wasted money, time and resources. [embed][/embed]

  • Why talk to People Alchemy about Learning Transfer?

    One of the definitive books on Learning Transfer was written by Paul Matthews, founder and CEO of People Alchemy. He has spoken at conferences and run workshops around the world on this topic. In short, at People Alchemy, we know what we are doing regarding Learning Transfer and our platform reflects this deep understanding of supporting and ensuring behaviour change following a training course. [embed][/embed]

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