How did the manager learn it?

The inertia of the status quo is a strong force when pitted against the uncertainty of change.

Read that again. It is a sentence that is packed with meaning.

Think about it for a moment in the context of changing the way you want to deliver a learning initiative.

How have people traditionally learned the knowledge and skills your new programme will impart.

Maybe they just always learned as they worked and picked it up from experience.

Maybe they went to a standard training course that they still consider essential.

If the teams and managers think the old way is the ‘best’ way to do it and there is no need to try some fancy new-fangled way of teaching, you will need to help them understand how your new way is better for them.

This will be easier if you have already involved them in the programme design and the reasoning behind aspects of the design, like using a learning workflow with activities to promote learning transfer.

Without manager support, your programme will likely have little impact, so you do need to get their buy-in.

How will they benefit directly from the new programme design?

So… get out there and sell it to the managers, and all the other stakeholders 🙂