Why Alchemy?

People often ask me how I chose my company name… so here is the very short story on how it came to be:

The name People Alchemy came to me many years ago as I watched the waves on a beach in New Zealand. Beaches are good places to think. The company at that time was focussed on coaching and training people to be more effective as managers, and as people. I liked to think that some of what I was doing was akin to magic and so the hunt for a company name turned up with the word Alchemy. This combined with People seemed to describe my aspirations to enable significant change in people.

Alchemy describes both a philosophy, and the ancient practice of seeking to transmute base metals into gold, to create an elixir that would cure all disease, and to achieve ultimate wisdom. It enabled the spiritual and intellectual development of the Alchemist from ignorance to enlightenment.

Later when we developed the online products it was a natural extension to again use the word Alchemy.

Alchemy is a proven path to enlightened performance.

My best wishes, Paul