Make Training Relevant – Diagnose Performance First

Think about it – if training is not seen as relevant by the delegate, or their manager, how likely is it to change behavior?

People don’t care about stuff they see as irrelevant, especially when they are busy. They certainly don’t care about training they see as irrelevant. If they are forced to sit in the training room, they will be thinking, “this doesn’t apply to me”, and then they will disengage. Who wouldn’t?

Without relevance, delegates won’t engage and won’t transfer their training into new action, and without new action, there is no ROI.

Therefore, without relevance, training is pointless and a waste of money

So, to give your training any chance at all of being successful, you must prove genuine relevancy. And there is only one way to do that – through a performance diagnostics process.

Let’s start at the beginning…

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