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What it is

A just in time learning system with a wealth of practical tools, tips, methods and techniques to help your employees answer the question: “Help I’m stuck. What do I do next?”

Get performance support that delivers the right answer at the right time using our Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).

Who it's for

There is so much to know these days, and none of us can know it all.

The P100:Assistant provides practical next steps for any employee who wants to get their job done more effectively and more easily on a day-to-day basis. You could think of it as a safety net for job success which is better for the employee, and the employer.

Key Benefits

Provide your people with the information they need at the click of a button at their desks or on a mobile device. Compiled by experts, this just in time learning online performance support toolkit includes advice and tips on every area of workplace learning.

The P100:Assistant option provides just-in-time support for general skills

  • Enables quick and easy access to performance support for your staff - on the job. 
  • Delivers practical and proven solutions, tools, techniques, models, tips and how-to guides. 
  • Assists people work smarter, save time and get the job done right first time. 
  • Supports the 70:20:10 elements in your learning strategy. 
  • Provides an authoritative resource with reliable content to help solve day-to-day challenges, unlike the deluge from Google. 
  • Encapsulates the expertise of 120 authors who have used their skills in the real world. They know what works, and what doesn’t. 
  • 24/7 Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

How it Works

The Assistant is a breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on every area of workplace learning.

The premise is simple – most of us need the relevant knowledge and skill to do our jobs. More’s the pity, we can’t ever know it all. The Assistant provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that everyone in your organisation can access right on-the-job, right when they need it.

One user called it ‘roll up your sleeves information that helps gets the job done’.

This isn’t about learning modules. This is about bottom line, functional answers, advice, strategies, tools and methods that can be put into use every day to immediately achieve better, and more rapid results. In addition to getting the job done, the secondary benefit is that an employee is far more likely to remember the information for next time. Performance support often results in powerful learning.

You could say that your people have access to Google, but do you really want them trying to sort their way through thousands of websites, many of dubious credibility? Quite apart from time wasted on fruitless searches through irrelevant information, are you sure that when they do find something, it is valid for your organisation?

Key Features

Learn from the experts: Every line of information in Performance100:Assistant is highly credible because it comes from over 100 authors, one of the largest and most experienced teams of management experts and consultants ever gathered to pool their practical management know-how and expertise into an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource.

Each topic has been written, not by a lofty-minded business consultant or ivory-tower academic, but by a real, expert, working practitioner – someone who not only knows their subject inside out, but who spends their working life helping individuals and organisations benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Their brief was to keep it simple, practical, and without the usual jargon and academic theory. You’ll see that they have done this superbly and still maintained a good depth of content. The information is presented in an easily-accessible format, explaining why it’s useful, indicating how it can be applied, and relating it to real-world scenarios.

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Why Buy From Us

We are experts in informal learning and performance at the point of work. Our founder and CEO, Paul Matthews has written books and speaks around the world at conferences and events on these topics. We can help you implement a performance support tool successfully as part of your L&D strategy alongside your other initiatives.

If you’ve read this far then it makes sense to go ahead and take the completely free 7-day, no obligation, full access trial. Use the form at the top of the page and we will immediately email your login details so you can discover for yourself the wealth of useful and performance enhancing information in the Assistant.

“We are in the performance business, not the knowledge-gain business. The learning leaders who understand the difference are the ones who will succeed.”

Bob Mosher


Q: Can I access the Assistant on my mobile device?

A: Yes, the web-app is fully responsive and works very well on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Q: What reporting is available to see usage patterns?

A: You will get a login to a special reporting site to see charts and data.

Q: Can we put our own logo on the system?

A: Yes. The home page can carry your branding.

Q: What customisation is available?

A: The content of the Assistant home page can be left as default which we change on a regular basis, or you can add your own content with a simple Admin system.

Q: Is this workflow learning?

A: Some people have used workflow learning as a general term to describe people learning at their point of work to enable them to get their job done. We like to think of it more as performance support and the learning that results is a major secondary benefit and welcome side effect.

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