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Aspiring Talent

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Aspiring Talent

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What it is

Our talent platform helps you to discover the talent in your organisation quickly and starts developing them for their future role with you – before they think about leaving.

Who it's for

The Aspiring Talent Assessment pathway is delivered in the workflow to assess and develop an individual for potential promotion in the future. If you are serious about succession planning and the management of the nascent talent you already have in your organisation, P100:Talent can help with your employee selection process.

Key Benefits

The P100:Talent option helps your talent assessment of employees who are seeking promotion.

  • Aids employee selection by finding staff who are ready for promotion and filters out those who are not. 
  • Prepares staff for stepping up to larger roles by improving essential skills. 
  • Uncovers staff with a learning and growth mindset who want to improve and invest effort into their career. 
  • Supports your succession planning and talent strategy.
  • Provides a steppingstone for entrants into your high-potential group. 
  • Encourages mentoring of those looking to advance their roles in the organisation. 

How it Works

P100:Talent focuses on the core elements and mindset needed by managers and leaders in an organisation. The talent pathway gives the organisation the chance to assess the potential of an individual without going through the costs of full management development. It provides the learner with a robust foundation of mindset, attitude and practical experience ready for development opportunities in the future.

The Aspiring Talent pathway covers seven critical development areas and the learning activities would normally be spaced over 14 weeks.

It is an off the shelf pathway which can be customised by you or us for your specific requirements.

Key Features

  1. Managing You
    1. Focuses on ‘you’ and a better understanding of your motivation and what makes you tick.
  2. Taking initiative
    1. promotes a positive attitude to change and the ability to identify problem areas and take action to rectify them.
  3. Willingness to learn & risk tasking
    1. understanding your learning mindset and approach to the risk of trying new things, and the impact they have.
  4. Getting on with others – teamwork
    1. highlights the differences between group and teamwork and focuses on the behaviours of effective teamwork.
  5. Organising and managing small projects
    1. focuses on successfully delivering projects and change so you become an asset to your organisation.
  6. Spoken and written communication
    1. what you say and how you choose to share your thoughts influences the people and projects we work with.
  7. Planning your next steps
    1. where to next? What ambition do you have and what are you going to do about it?

Why Buy From Us

Have you ever invested significant L&D budget into a new manager only to have them ‘drop out’ or decide their new management role is not for them?

 Do you have a high potential group or wish to create one to have a pool of people ready to step up for promotions and senior vacancies?


You need people with a growth mindset and who want the promotion for the right reasons.

We understand the dynamics at play here and can help you with your talent pipeline.


Q: Can the Talent pathway be combined with other management development?

A: We would recommend using the Talent pathway prior to other management development initiatives to qualify ‘wannabe’ managers for further development.

Q: Can the pathway be customised?

A: You are welcome to customise the pathway yourself or ask us to do it for you. We generally find that little change is needed because it is focusing on general principles and helping the learner decide what they want from a development or promotion opportunity.

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