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Every day is a learning day

Sharing knowledge and expertise is in our DNA at People Alchemy. Here, we explain the latest trends, tactics and applications of learning through our tips, guides, articles and blogs. Rather than streams of theory, you get practical and applicable L&D insights that will help you shape your L&D function and pave the way for a brighter future of learning.

All downloads were written by Paul Matthews, L&D expert and author of the Learning at Work Trilogy.

Learning Workflow Design Guide

Designing for learning transfer is critical if you want your learning programmes to improve performance. Use this guide to design learning so it is operationalised in the day-to-day flow of work.

13 Barriers to Implementing Learning Transfer

L&D professionals are still ignoring the elephant in the room. Are you one of them? This ebook shares the most common barriers to implementing learning transfer and how to overcome them. 

How to Reboot Training for Tangible Business Impact

This ebook, now in its 3rd edition, gives you approaches to transforming your training to create positive, lasting impact on your organisation.

17 Essential Tips for L&D

Whether you’re new to L&D, or a veteran professional, this download is for you. It answers one seemingly simple question: “What should L&D people pay attention to so that they ensure success in their role?”

50 Essential Tips for Managers

Reinvigorate your management style with these 50 essential tips that will show you different approaches and solutions to many common issues that managers struggle with.

50 Essential Tips for You at Work

Most people, like you, want to do a good job at work. They want to enjoy their work and get good results for themselves, their colleagues, and their customers. Here are 50 useful tips to do that.

Capability at Work: What stops people being capable

Capability is a slippery concept. Yet it actually comes down to a simple question: can the worker do the task in front of them? Find out how to turn incapability into capability.

New Managers: speed up time to proficiency

How do managers in your organisation get started? Sink or swim? There’s a better way to minimise the risk of losing new managers – and it’s outlined in this thought-provoking and practical guide.

Leadership and Learning: And their interdependence

There is a strong link between leadership and learning. This guide explains that link, where engagement fits into the mix, and how the learning environment influences the effects of leadership.

Informal Learning: How to harness it without killing it

In this Guide, discover why informal learning is the powerhouse of learning in the workplace and how you can start to make it work for your organisation.

KiFi model: e-Learning vs e-Reference - A vital distinction

Many people think that eLearning and eReference are the same – and this misunderstanding can lead to whole projects failing and budget wasted on the wrong system.

System Selection: A process for getting it right

Choosing a computer-based system isn’t an easy process. This Guide helps break down the complexity into simple steps, and provides a process so you can make a sound decision that minimises risk.